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555 Timer Circuits

This section of EG Labs brings you some interesting electronic projects and circuits based on 555 Timer IC. These 555 timer based circuits and schematics are a good reference to learn and understand the basic timer circuits.
Latest 555 Timer Circuits

Many of us face problem when we out of our home like if we want to on the motor, so that when we reach home water will be filled in over head tank or we want to on other appliances like light fan etc. Hence to solve this problem we have describe a simple circuit which will on your device or appliances remotely and it will become off automatically after preset time interval.


Many circuits have been developed so far to solve this problem but main advantage of this circuit is uses readily available components and this circuit is not expensive as well because this circuit is made using without microcontroller.

You can play with your friends to know there reaction time. This is very simple game in this 10 LED's are moving in a random fashion. And you have to hit a particular LED given by your opponent and you will get four chances to hit the right target. And if he or she hit the target correctly 10 points will be given. So at last the person who has scored more points will be declared as winner.


Advantage of this circuit is that it will not harm the eyes of children when they play for long duration. As instead of video screen this circuit uses LED for display. It can be easily assembled because of less and easily available components. This circuit also produces a sound when you hit the target like you get in video games. So you will get feel of real video game. You can easily power the circuit with the help of adapter available in market.

Many of us have modular kitchen which have chimney to extract smoke out so that smell of smoke will not fill in kitchen and avoids the harmful effects of smoke on furniture and kitchen utensils. But sometimes it happens we forget to switch on the chimney which results in smoke in kitchen and sometimes we forget to off the chimney leading to the wastage of electricity and money. So to solve this problem we have described a circuit which will switch on the fan automatically when smoke reaches to point and off the fan automatically.

You can also use this circuit while soldering because as we know solder fumes are not good for health so it will on the fan to extract the smoke present in room leaving smoke free area.
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