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PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

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Rose Mary
  • PLCs can be programmed easily which can be understood clearly well.
  • They are fabricated to survive vibrations, noise, humidity, and temperature. 
  • The controller has the input and output for interfacing.
  • It is a tedious job when replacing or bringing any changes to it. 
  • Skilful work force is required to find its errors.
  • Lot of effort is put to connect the wires.
  • The hold up time is usually indefinite when any problem arises.





nice short but sweet

thank were  thes niseeeeee 

plc rocks,..just one click,then everything's undercontrol....

can anyone gie weight of the plc

wow keep Up I was wondering what is a PLC from a time thankz

Pls give information about How to programming of PLC through Controller using seriel Prot....

PLC can be programmed via usb port


This is not a PLC image
Image shown above is a HMI not a PLC. 


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