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Power Line Carrier Communication (PLCC)

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Ashok Sharma
PLC Modems/Transceivers
PLC Transceiver is the key component of a PLCC system. It is the device which transmits & receives data to & from the power lines and acts as a hub between the power stations and our Computers/Network utilization devices. They are wired with the electrical voltage lines at home or business and work on two modes – transmit mode and receive mode. In transmit mode, they simply receive data from receiver end installed on the same network and further transmit them. In receive mode, they work the opposite way.
A number of companies provide PLC transceivers and other networking devices for PLCC communication. A PLC transceiver is shown in the following image.
PLCC MODEMs/Transceivers


best information on PLCC I found on internet. Great article.


Excellent information on plcc. Datas are in sequence & appropriate way..thankyousmiley

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its good but contain very less information and its application is nt in detailed


Great great article very helpfull 

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