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Sensors: Different Types of Sensors

Advanced Sensor Technology
Sensor technology is used in wide range in the field of Manufacturing. The advanced technologies are as follows:
1.     Bar-code Identification - The products sold in the markets has a Universal Product Code (UPC) which is a 12 digit code. Five of the numbers signify the manufacturer and other five signify the product. The first six digits are represented by code as light and dark bars. The first digit signifies the type of number system and the second digit which is parity signifies the accuracy of the reading. The remaining six digits are represented by code as dark and light bars reversing the order of the first six digits. Bar code is shown in the figure given below.
bar code
The bar code reader can manage different bar code standards even without having the knowledge of the standard code. The disadvantage with bar coding is that the bar scanner is unable to read if the bar code is concealed with grease or dirt.
2.     Transponders - In the automobile section, Radio frequency device is used in many cases. The transponders are hidden inside the plastic head of the key which is not visible to anyone. The key is inserted in the ignition lock cylinder. As you turn the key, the computer transmits a radio signal to the transponder. The computer will not let the engine to ignite until the transponder responds to the signal. These transponders are energized by the radio signals. The figure of a transponder is as shown below:
Embedded Transponder in key3.     Electromagnetic Identification of Manufactured Components - This is similar to the bar code technology where the data can be coded on magnetic stripe. With magnetic striping, the data can be read even if the code is concealed with grease or dirt.
4.     Surface Acoustic Waves - This process is similar to the RF identification. Here, the part identification gets triggered by the radar type signals and is transmitted over long distances as compared to the RF systems. 
5.     Optical Character Recognition - This is a type of automatic identification technique which uses alphanumeric characters as the source of information. In United States, Optical character recognition is used in mail processing centres. They are also used in vision systems and voice recognition systems. 




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