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SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply)

Written By: 

Preeti Jain
Applications of SMPS:
·         Machine tool industries
·         Security systems like the CCTVs
·         AV products
·         Support supplies for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)




Future Trends:


The future of the SMPS is aimed at making it more efficient which goes on to a better converter doing the most effective conversion process. The main focus of designers in making the SMPS efficient includes:
·         Higher output power
·         Achieving higher current output and low voltage
·         Increasing power density
·         Using switching device like Schottky diode
SiC Schottky diode can be used as an active device in place of a transistor with high switching frequency. These SiC Schottky diode are benchmark in 300-600 V range of operation. The switching characteristics of a SiC Schottky diode is shown here. SMPS11
Advantages of High Switching Frequencies:
·         Continuous current mode operation possible with ultrafast diode.
·         High switching frequencies with identical efficiency: smaller and cheaper passive components.
·         Absence of reverse recovery : smaller MOSFET and/or higher reliability
Learn about SMPS through exclusive images in the Insight teardown of a conventional SMPS.





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