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Video Conferencing

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Anshul Thakur

Classification of Video Conferencing Systems:

There can be two broad classifications of video conferencing equipment:
1.      Standalone dedicated systems.
2.      Desktop Systems.
Standalone Dedicated Systems: These are devices specially made for the sole purpose of video conferencing with every necessary component packaged into a single board or console which is connected to a high quality camera, wired or wireless. These cameras are often called PTZ cameras for their ability of Panning, Tilting and Zooming. Omni-directional microphones are used to gather sound from all directions. Traditionally, conference was believed to be between many people simultaneously. But, as the technology penetrated deeper into the market, variants offering different levels of conversations have cropped up. The consoles offering capabilities for large groups are usually non-portable and very expensive. They are suited for large rooms like auditoriums. Smaller variants of the same technology are also available for conference rooms. Small videoconferencing devices are usually portable and intended for use by individuals. The camera and audio equipment is fixed, like in the case of smart phones.
Desktop Systems: Web-cameras and microphones can be connected to desktop systems and software built for the purpose of videoconferencing installed on it to use a normal desktop system for video conferencing. The codec need to be installed as a part of the software to support the transmission and reception of the data.



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AT&T was the first to research the possibility of videoconferencing using an ordinary telephone network in the 1950s, but the research did not bear much fruit owing to the lack of technology. The bandwidth and digital transmission techniques for achieving high bitrates for the transmission of slow scan videos did not exist then

It's really thankful to the one who has invented this technology. As described above Video Conferencing Software is a technology making things from impossible to possible. There are many rural areas who cannot reach out for good education and so were illiterate but with this new technology, now everyone can get a good education from their own place.

Web video conferencing vendors such as RHUB offers advanced video conferencing tools for businesses, which include audio, video and Web conferencing.


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