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About ADI, Hittite Acquisition

Analog Devices (NASDAQ:ADI) has been recognized for half a century as a world leader in providing high quality data conversion and signal processing products. In 2014, ADIexpandedits portfolio through the acquisition of Hittite Microwave in order to provideits customers the ability to seamlessly integrate ADI products intoa complete RFsystem from antennas to bits.

You might have seen some videos on the internet where physicists or scientist ‘levitates’ a disk in open air and it keeps itself locked in mid-air without any support. You must have wondered how that is even possible. The simple answer to your question is quantum physics. 

One spends their lifetime plugging things in. Be it either mobiles or laptop chargers or your television sets. But that’s all that’s about to change! There is no argument in that we humans love electricity. We love that stuff so much that you can get an idea about it just by walking out on the street. There is about trillions of money spent in setting up power stations and wires carrying electricity from where it is generated to our homes and offices.  Not only this. We love batteries too! An object that gives us power for a while before ending up in the garbage.  But then there is a negative aspect to all this. Wires and batteries are awful. Just think about it, overhead wires gets damaged in rough weathers and can lead to calamities that can claim a human life.  Plus imagine getting tangled in one of those wires under your computer desk. I know it’s pathetic.