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In today’s world, the word MP3 has become synonymous with music. Almost everyone has experienced MP3 in some way – be it through listening to your favourite songs on your music player or phone, the internet, a podcast or something similar. MP3 has revolutionized the digital music world on its own and even though it’s been around for quite some time, the MP3 still remains the most popular form of music used across the globe.

But first, what exactly is MP3? The MP3 format is basically an audio-specific format which uses a compression system to reduce the size of music files. MP3 stands for MPEG Phase 1 Layer3. Now, even though it’s something that we use on a daily basis, have you ever wondered how it works? Well, this article aims to inform you about that as well as the basic principles involved in the process.

Flexible printed circuit boards are at the forefront of the new wave of electronics found in healthcare, military, and consumer markets.Researchers are continuing to push the limits of possibilities for flexible PCBs, expecting the industry to grow five-fold in the next 10 years.

New materials, such as polyimide, allow a thinner, lighter product with the ability to move more freely.Conductive ink printing allows the elimination of connectors and cables, improving connectivity and assembly costs.The traditional process for manufacturing PCBs requires as many as 6 steps. New knowledge has shortened the process of manufacturing flexible PCBs to as little as 3 steps

We know them as the most popular search engine in the World Wide Web. They are much more than that. They pioneer in inspiring innovation in the field of technology which is beyond their time. The google driverless car is a project by google which involves the development of technology to make a car self-dependent. The software that google use to automate cars is known as the “Google Chauffeur”. They do not produce a separate car but install the required equipment onto a regular car. The project is currently being led by google engineer Sebastian Thurin (who is also the director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and co-inventor of the google street view) under the aegis of Google X. 

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