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As every year passes, the planet is getting warmer at a faster than normal rate. Harmful emissions exhausted by industries and vehicles increase the heat retention capacity of the atmosphere which is leading to a global climate change. Although it wasn’t noticeable until the past few years, it has been catching up with us now.

Untimely floods in coastal areas, droughts in central areas, cyclones, depleting ice caps and rising sea levels are all signs that the current energy trends need to be changed.

driverless carIn the near future if you are if you’re late for work and you don’t have time for breakfast your car will be there for your rescue. You will sit back, relax and enjoy your breakfast while your car safely drives you to your destination. No, this is not a sci-fi movie scene I’m talking about. This is soon going to be a reality!

If technology grows at the current rate, soon your car will do all the driving and concentrating for you. Automakers are currently working on new technology that will allow the cars to drive themselves. They're also modifying the existing technologies such as self-parking and pre-safe systems to make the driving safe.

Most of us have an overwhelming fear of injections in our childhood days. For most of us, that fear does not subside as we grow up. Apart from creating a phobia, there are many disadvantages of injections with needles such as they cause tissue damage. They could also act as a source of infection if the needles are reused or used incorrectly. 

Needle free injections were first described by Marshall Lockhart in 1936 in his patent jet injection. By the early 1940’s high pressured guns were developed that used a fine jet of liquid to pierce the skin and deposit the drug under the tissue.