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Whenever we hear the word “Tornado” we think of destruction and catastrophe. But, to one man it meant, “How can I generate power with that?” It makes sense. Most large scale power generation methods, directly or indirectly involve rotating parts and tornadoes possess a huge amount of rotational kinetic energy. So if we could create a tornado and harness its kinetic energy, it would effectively provide us with a clean source of energy (provided that it is controlled). Generally tornadoes are caused by the presence of a large temperature gradient present in the atmosphere.

The economic success of a nation depends prominently on its evolution in communication and transportation. Communication is steadily growing its speed, while the same cannot be matched by transportation. There are currently 5 modes of transportation; road, rail, air and sea. Out of these road and sea are quite slow, air is fast but expensive and rail is not as fast as it needs to be. Therefore there is a need to bridge the technological as well as an economical gap between a cheap mode of transportation (say, land) and a fast mode of transportation (like air). 

As every year passes, the planet is getting warmer at a faster than normal rate. Harmful emissions exhausted by industries and vehicles increase the heat retention capacity of the atmosphere which is leading to a global climate change. Although it wasn’t noticeable until the past few years, it has been catching up with us now.

Untimely floods in coastal areas, droughts in central areas, cyclones, depleting ice caps and rising sea levels are all signs that the current energy trends need to be changed.