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DC Motor speed testing using arduinoIn DC motor speed testing, the PWM is applied to the motor and its duty cycle is varied from min to max. While applying PWM the actual RPM of DC motor is also measured and note down to see how motor speed (RPM) varies as PWM width varies. Along with this, the applied voltage to the motor is also measured to see the motor speed at different applied voltage.

Finally, after noting down all the values, the observation table is prepared for pulse width (duty cycle), applied voltage and motor speed in RPM. This table is used to prepare duty cycle->RPM graph or applied voltage->RPM graph of the motor.

soil moisture detectionFarming and Gardening are not trivial jobs. There are a range of crops and plants and numerous varieties of each plant or crop. Different plants and crops have different requirements of water, fertilizer and sunshine. The fertility of soil for any farming or gardening effort is usually judged by the level of nutrients and moisture in it.

A number of times the farmers or gardeners are not able to nourish the soil with sufficient fertilizer or water while at many times they just over do it. This project is to help farmers and gardeners keep a check of the soil health by real-time tracking the moisture level of their soil.


As the name suggests, this is a demonstration of one military application in which the system automatically launches missile when any object is detected and it comes within the range. In actual system there is micro wave RADAR that detects any object and immediately fires missile to shoot the target. 
Here in given system it uses ultrasonic sensor to detect any object. The sensor scans complete 360o circle by rotating continuously and when it detects any object that is within 2 feet (60 cm) range, it launches the missile. It is build using AT89C51 micro controller. It also uses LCD to display a different message as well as the distance of an object.