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Single phase AC Motor speed controller



Sir how to calculate values of RC snubber circuit for 1HP motor

In circuit diagram 2 what is the value of capacitor and resistor in parallel with triac and AC motor?

 good project

Pleasae provide me link for downloading the source code for this project as one of the two free downloads.





No link for schematic or source code

mr Ashutosh Bhatt  

i am univ.student electronic eng.

how can i make 3 phase AC motor speed control ?


can you help me ?


thank you so much for help me 




I noticed the Schematic on tab2 has several bits of info missing or incorrect. the caps behind the motor doesn't have any details and the pins on the IC 89C2051 don't match up with the description. Can you please confirm what is correct. 

Also please don't is P3.1 type indicators as they are confusing. P1 p2 is fine.

details required


details required


I do not see why the source code

Plz mail me the source code of this project (Single phase AC Motor speed controller) if anybody has that. Thanks

Plz mail (to or provide link to me the source code of this project (i.e. Single phase AC Motor speed controller) if anybody has that. Thanks

sir i want ac ciling fan speed control with pwm.pls send me what circuit is working.

sir my email-



plz send me c code on (

thank you

good work sir

please source code 

please circuit diagram and code please please

when your code? code share pls pls pls

Sir can u plz send me source code for this project

Any one has the code pls send me...

Very nice project

Sorry, Can you send to me code for this project?

Thanks very much


Can I replace MCT2E with MOC3061 ?

Please help me about source code for this project. I don't see follow the project.

Best Regards


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