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DTMF Controlled Home Automation System Using 8951


Table of Contents:

  1. DTMF Controlled Home Automation System Using 8951
  2. Circuit Designing
  3. PCB Images
Saddam Khan
Saddam Khan

This project based on DTMF (Dual Tone multi frequency) which is generated in cellular phones. Here, by using a cell phone we controls the home appliances from anywhere in the world (In Network Area). Below you can see the diagram of DTMF keypad. When we press any key then it generates a frequency after mixing two frequencies. And then send it to the receiver end over communication channel.
DTMF Keypad
                                              Fig.1: DTMF keypad
User can activate their devices using this DTMF keypad as he/she want to activate. The encoder encodes the user input and sends via a communication channel. The receiver receives the modulated signal and demodulates it and the user input. In this system, we are going to make a DTMF based home/office appliance. Block diagram of this system given below-
                                   DMTF Circuit Diagram
                           Fig.2: Block diagram circuit
System Process of DTMF Working
                           Fig.3 Block diagram of system processes
This system is designed for controlling the devices, it includes a cell phone which is connect to the system via head set. To active the cellular phone part of the system a call is to be made and as the call is answered, in response the user would enter a three/four(as he/she want) digit password to access the system to control devices. As the caller press the specific password, it results in turning ON or OFF specific device. The device switching is achieved by Relays.

DTMF Based Home Automation


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Circuit Diagram

Source Code

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Thnk you so much engineers

Thnk you so much engineers garage for select my project and publish on your site.. 

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plz give me a circuit diagram

plz give me a circuit diagram ......

plz give me a circuit

plz give me a circuit diagram............


hi iam manikanta sir i want

hi iam manikanta sir i want  a assembly code for home automation system .                                           


and also please send me ppt of home automation based on dtmf

hi saddam sir ,i want circuit

hi saddam sir ,i want circuit diagram and assembly code for 


 saddam sir , can i get the

 saddam sir , can i get the components list for this project


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