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GSM based Industrial Automation



NIce 1.. i have made my last year project named  "PROCESS UPDATES THROUGH SMS USING PLC & HMI"

I used PLC instead of controller & HMI display for its operating..

Check photo graphes @

Go on this address, u will find pics.


i have large no of temp controlling devices....

can i connect all to this PSOC ic and send sms threw single gsm module??

can you give me pcb layout and circuit digram of this project .

please give me early as possible


how to download these file...plz upto download option


I am working on my last year project based on bluetooth. Can you assist me with ideas on interfacing and programming.

Great Job! How i can download PDF.


pls give me link to download pdf of this project

i need  c code for DTMF based  secured industrial control


EG was better when all useful stuffs were free


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