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Intelligent Ambulance with Automatic Traffic Control



plz tell me   programm code????

pliz would kindly mind mailing me the program code.

Good job anyway

if u  found  code please  send me


if u found a code please send me

No words to say how nice it is.intrested 2 do d same .can u help?

pls, send me the program code to concern id :


Expecting ur mail...


Thank you.

if u know the program ,send it




     I kindly request you to please send the program code to my following mail id



nice project!! can you please send a programming code on, thnx 4 helping 

... Great project....... pls mail me ur program to

awesome idea in this project,i want to add some idea in your project plz send me ur program to my


good one


cuold you please send  a detailed circuit


Give me ckt dig

Its simply Awesome dude!!!

          Even I am doing a similar kind of project. I will be measuring the blood pressure, pulse rate and the body temperature of a patient and correspondingly transmit the result to the doctor's PC using GSM transceiver. It would be of great help if you mailed me the circuit diagram and the program code. Actually, I will give you a credit on my report if I am helped. Hoping to receive the mail from you soon at      'double h at santosh'

good job,.

please program code and details circuit,.


nino from indonesia

send all detail in my ID.


All project report and circuit diagram and hardware value all detail send in my ID. .


nice project plz send me detail circuit diag.and program code

NICE project....please send the program code and details about the circuit diagram to my mail id

Plz give code .i am final year student .i select this projects .mail me on

can i get awl d info on dis project intellegient traffic control with the codes. mail me on



please send me code. my hardware is ready as mention in above info

Sir can u please send me the programming codes along with the circuit diagram nd any relevant info as my hardware work is ready

Plz send it to me at

please send the program code to my id

plz give me the program coding and cost of intellegent ambulance with automatic traffic control with all information(ckt diagram) on my e-mail id

thanks for showing the flow chart now i can write the programme


could u please send me the programme code, circuit diagrams in detail please please it would be great help for me please to my mail id. 

hi. a very good idea i must say. can i get the full programming codes n the circuit diagram please.. send to my mail



can i get the full programming codes n the circuit diagram please

on my mail id





Please give this project as soon as possible .i need circuit,code ,flow chart of this proj . Send on ravalbadrik@gmail .com

what's d cost of this project?????????????????????????????

plzz i want the code of this project i have chosen this project.....

plzz i want the code of this project i have chosen this project..... on my mail id

please send me the code for the project

pls, send me the program

Awsome project,

           please send program code and details circuit..

Please mail The code to .

an interesting  project....can you send the program code  and detailed circuit diagram to my mail..????

i wish to do a project"ambulance with automatic traffic control"can you give the program code for that?"

Nice project i need for full report circuit.program code plz send me this id

plz can i knw wat is the cost of this project nd the programe nd full circuit diagram of this project 

send it my email id <>


good project ..

could u plz send me the program..

mail id:

well its a good idea can u send me the code........



pls send me this project details like souce code ,logic circuit etc. on my emailid ...........


please mail me the codes and circuit diagram at this mailing address


    i kindly request u to pls send the program code of intelligent ambulence automatic traffic control



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