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Remote Control for Various Industrial Applications


Shivam Chudasama
Shivam Chudasama

Why This Project?

Cost Effectiveness:

Large numbers of wires need to be laid for all applications that require control and for measurement purposes. This method will provide a cost effective means for achieving all this by a single wire. Transmitting different frequency signals through a single wire and then using them for different applications provides the single wire control. 

Loss-Less System:

The transmitting of the control signal through the optical fiber in the form of the infrared signal will provide a loss-less system. As the loss in the optical fiber is negligible, the weakening of the signal due to losses does not take place. Also the transmitted signal is not affected by stray signals because the fiber does not allow them to enter its interior.

Central Control:

This project will provide a means of establishing control center, which will monitor all the applications of the industry. Sitting in the control room, a person can keep a check and control all the major operation of an industry.

Remote Operation:

Regardless of the distance of the appliances from the control room, it can be controlled without any problem. 

Transmitter Unit : 

The Fig below shows the keypad of the transmitter module. The various signals corresponding to the keys pressed are generated through this pad.


Remote Control for Various Industrial Applications


The Fig is the transmitter unit which contains the dialer IC UM912141B. this unit transmits the tone generated by the keypad.


Transmitter Unit

Circuit Diagram

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i want san help send your

i want san help send your mo-number

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Sir,     I want component


     I want component list, circuit diagram with pin connections, and sourcecode of "Remote contorl for various industrial applications" project

Please send me immediately.

sir,     In this project,


     In this project, which industrial application we can use??


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