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Temperature Dependent Fan



hi  sir nice project


i cant get it in  coding op, eoc assigned for port 0 and 3 in macro expansion.

 plz send me the int1 function details. is it adc conversion process.if it what actually tells in if loop.

its not working plz help

i work on this project.......

is it working or not?

Please tell me,

I want to make it.

Nice project sir, please how can the power supply be connected to the circuit?

Temperature controller assembly code

can give me assembly code? thank you

my email is "eugene_liewyq"

(... continued)  ""

i need programming and circuit diagram of fan speed control using at89c51 and ds1620

cannot download the circuit & source code. Please help

thank you


Thanks for sharing! I learnt a lot from it.

I want circuit diagram of this project

please write a code in c or c++



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