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Wireless Communication with 2.4 GHz RF Transceiver CC2500



good project

hello, just i want to know that is this code working properly?? Have you tested code??



nice.but it can really work.

thers are 47 registers in cc2500 and while reading i found that 13 registers are to be configured using smart rf studio but theres a lot of confusion about what value sto be kept for the registers to be configured. would you please tell me values of the register to be configured in smart rf.



are the cc2500 module programmed in slave mode at both the ends that is at two micro controllers.


i need to transmit and redeive numerical datas between 2 rs 232 modules with arduino , one rs 232 module have +v,-v,Rx and tX pins where the other one heve spi i dont know how to configure the modules for communication ,please help


grt code

Is there any extra circuitry needed when I interface CC2500 board with 8051?

I mean any pull up resistor??


I was wondering what PINB and PB4 refers to and why is it used in this statement - while(bit_is_set(PINB,PB4)) ???

IS the code working? Anyone?

Yes It is working.

But I am receiving garbage at the receiver end.


Hi Tejas,

Nice post. But same program is not working for me i tried using atmega8, atmega8a, atmega328p. Need little help on how to troubleshoot!!

how to get the string length in rxfifo at receiver

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