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AVR Microcontroller Projects

AVR microcontroller projects: This section of EG Labs has interesting microcontroller projects based on AVR microcontrollers. These AVR projects can serve as a good reference for final year electronics engineering projects and other hobby purposes.
Latest Projects

Have you ever wondered of operating a toy car with you own mobile phone? Yes I have made such a thing. This project involves the communication between your mobile phone and the car. Here I have used the internal accelerometers of the mobile phone to operate my toy car.

The system communicates wirelessly over Bluetooth interface, thus we require a phone with Bluetooth compatibility. Moreover I have made an Android Application for the same task therefore the phone must have ANDROID operating system J


Timers are used in many different applications for example in Industrial Applications, to switch ON or switch OFF any device or a machine load for a specific period of time.  In the same way the timers are used in Domestic Appliances like in Air Conditioners, Microwave Ovens, Washing Machines, Food Processors etc. The applications for the timers could also be seen in Military Applications and Space Applications, to trigger any Bomb or a Missile or to ignite booster rockets for lift offs at a specific time. Here the given project demonstrates the fully featured and customized timer built using AVR Microcontroller ATMega32. 


To interface 8-bit DAC with AVR microcontroller ATMega32 and generate different waveforms like Square Wave, Sine Wave, Triangular Wave, Staircase Wave and Saw-tooth Wave. To generate different Analog waveforms using AVR microcontroller it is required to interface a DAC that will convert the Digital inputs given by microcontroller into corresponding Analog outputs and thus it generates different analog waveforms. The DAC output is current equivalent of digital input. So to convert it in to voltage a current to voltage converter is required. This current to voltage converter is build using Op-Amp LM741.