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How to interface LCD with PIC18F4550 Microcontroller


Developed By: 
Amit Joshi

The character LCDs are the most commonly used display modules. These LCDs are used to display text using alphanumeric and special characters of font 5x7/5x10. For basic working and operations of a character LCD, refer LCD interfacing with 8051. Here PIC18F4550 has been used to display a single character on a 16x2 character LCD.


For basic details and operations of character LCD, refer LCD interfacing with 8051. Here LCD has been interfaced in 8-bit mode* with data pins (D0-D7) connected to PortB of PIC18F4550. The LCD control pins RS, R/W and EN are connected to PortA pins RA0, RA1 and RA2 respectively.

*Character LCD can also be interfaced by using only 4 data lines. Refer LCD interfacing in 4-bit mode.
Programming Steps:
Before displaying anything on LCD, it needs to be configured with proper instructions. The following programming steps explain the procedure of configuring the LCD and display a character on it.
Step 1: Initialize the LCD.
The LCD must be initialized the by following pre-defined commands of character LCD.
·         0x38, to configure the LCD for 2-line, 5x7 font and 8-bit operation mode
·         0x0C, for Display On and Cursor Off
·         0x01, to Clear Display screen
·         0x06, to increment cursor
·         0x80, to set cursor position at first block of the first line of LCD.
The above set of commands is written in lcd_ini() function of the adjoining code.
Step 2: Send the commands to LCD.
·         Send the command byte to the port connected to LCD data pins
·         RS=0, to select command register of LCD
·         RW=0, to set the LCD in writing mode
·         EN=1, a high to low pulse to latch command instruction
·         Delay of 1ms
·         EN=0
The above set of commands is written in lcdcmd(unsigned char) function.
Step 3: Send data to LCD.
·         Send data at the port which connected to LCD data pins
·         RS=1, register select to select data register of LCD
·         RW=0, this set the LCD in writing mode
·         EN=1, a high to low pulse to latch data
·         Delay of 1ms
·         EN=0
The lcddata(unsigned char) function has the above set of instructions.
Step 4: Display character on LCD.
The functions lcdcmd() and lcddata() are user-defined functions. They are used to send a character (E in this case) to be displayed on LCD.
lcdcmd(0x38);             // send command 0x38 to LCD
lcddata(‘E’);                // send character E to LCD


Circuit Diagram



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