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Implementation of wireless interface for a moving system

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Nilmani Neupane
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Joined: 07/05/2012
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Implementation of wireless interface for a moving system

hello all,


I am new in this field. I have a project which is mentioned as follows...



Several components of a system, which shall move independently in future, are
connected to each other with a CAN-bus to exchange data. The further development
shall add wireless compenents to the system:
1. Implementation of a RF remote control 8 channel receiver interface with PPM
This shall allow to control the system during development and in case of
emergency with commercial RF-controllers.
2. Implementation of a RF receiver and transmitter for secure data-exchange
In „normal operation“ the system shall receive position points and move
indepently. Relevant data shall be transmitted to the base station.
3. Implementation of a GPS receiver
This module shall allow to improve the tracking capabilities of the system.
If there will be unforeseen problems and delays the 3rd point can be omitted.
For all steps the following problems have to be solved:
? Research for commercially available receiver- and transmitter-modules in the
license-free frequency ranges
? Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of the modules with focus on
reliability, power consumption, weight, dimension, price and complexity of
necessary HF-components
? Connection of selected modules to a microcontroller (dsPIC33, on breadboard)
? Programming the microcontroller’s interface to the modules in C-language
? Proof of performance
? Design of PCB-layout of the HF-components



Can you pleasd e make me understand about the project...please help me.


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Dear Nilmani,

                    I think this project is all about a number of identical robots, which can move around independently, and are able to communicate with each other, sharing data like their current position and all with each other and also with the base station. From base station we can control them, like we can send commands to move to a particular position point.

The robots then communicate with each other to assume their respective position points.

GPS can be used to detect the position and for this kind of complex wireless communication you should use Zigbee modules.

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Hello Nilmani,


I find the above description is used for communication between robots in logistics. Find below links for understanding.


Thank You !!!



Nilmani Neupane
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Joined: 07/05/2012
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Thank you all for their reply. Can any one help me on the programming section where i have to transfer and receive the date as mention above.





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Joined: 10/01/2012
Posts: 1528
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First you finalize all the details about the features and behaviour of the robotic system. Then decide which all hardware components required and how to interconnect them. Make a the schematic, circuit diagram for the same and then only think about the coding.

Ofcourse you will get a lot of help from this forum.

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Hello all,


Thank you for your help. I have bought 8 channel receiver whic works at 2.4Ghz. Now I required to bay a transreceiver so can any one suggest the suitable transreceiver.


Thany you


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