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wireless remote controlled car without the use of microcontroller

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pushkar shukla
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wireless remote controlled car without the use of microcontroller

HI , i want to make a wireless remote controlled car without using microcontroller . how should i go about it .

Ankur Saxena
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Hi Pushkar, You can use RF

Hi Pushkar,


You can use RF transmitter and reciever for the same. For that u vl be needing an encoder circuit at transmitting end and a decoder circuit at recieving end. Make a remote to control your robot and connect it to the encoder along with transmitter. At the car end make a simple L293D based motor driver card and attach it to the reciever along with decoder.

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hi, me and my friend are

hi, me and my friend are trying to do a rc car with atmega8 controller and a arduino uno board we have a 433.92mhz receiver and transmitter with ht12d and ht12e encoder decoder pair...  can anyone pls tell me the pins that we need to connect from the microcontroller to the encoder and decoder..  were using arduino uno as transmitter and another atmega8 board as receiver.....  our encoder and decoder have no dip switches and only 4 data pins...  thanx in advance for any usefull reply........


D.V.G. Krishna
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to make a car ther is no need

to make a car ther is no need of microcontril

you connect D0,D1,D2,D3pins of ht12d

decoder to L293d motor driver


her all pins are by default HIGH

to move forward or backward you need to press

two switches simultaniously


i tried it and its working


use the circuit in EGLABS

connect d0,d1,d2,d3 to L293Dmotor driver

instd of leds



use this 

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You may also go for readymade

You may also go for readymade RF modules which are readily available in Mumbai and Pune, rest I dont know. These RF modules are very easy to use and satisfactory as well.