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Insight - How MCB works

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Arpit Jain
The dismantled mechanical parts used to pull the knob when the tripping takes place. When the MCB gets tripped the moveable contact which is connected to the knob using these mechanical parts pulls the knob to the off position.
mechanical parts in MCB
The following image shows the arrangement of the plunger, coil and the spring.


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I likeD it..I had seen it

I likeD it..I had seen it many times at my home but nver tried to know how it works..thanks to engineersgarage ..evrone shud watch its intresting

explanation is

explanation is strong. thanks. regards, raja giri



gr8 work.. arc quenching

gr8 work.. arc quenching explained nicely. now I know what arc chutes are for.

wow, very nice. 

wow, very nice.





mcb is a best of electrical

mcb is a best of electrical component


nice & informative 

nice & informative


Great !!!!!!!!!! nicely

Great !!!!!!!!!! nicely Explained!!!!


do it can get failure in its

do it can get failure in its work....

Thank helped me a

Thank helped me a lot....


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