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Arduino Projects & Tutorials

An Arduino Board is AVR microcontroller based board which follows the standard arduino schematic and is flashed with the arduino boot-loader. The arduino is referred as open source hardware, since the standard schematic is open to everyone and anybody can make their own version of arduino board following the standard schematic. All arduino boards should be compatible with the arduino IDE which can be used to program the arduino boards. The arduino IDE is also open source and anybody can contribute their libraries to the arduino.

The arduino board has all the required circuitry to get the built-in AVR microcontroller running. The output or inputs can be taken from the boards or given to the board using convenient connectors. Both digital and analog inputs and outputs are available in all arduino boards. The arduino boards can also communicate with other devices using standard communication ports like USART, IIC, and USB etc. The most impressive thing is that most of the arduino boards are bread-board compatible which makes both the hobbyist and developers happy.

This section of EG Labs brings you some basic tutorials and interesting arduino projects based on Arduino Pro Mini Board. Explained with the help of circuit diagrams, source codes, and working videos, these arduino projects can serve as a good reference for final year electronics engineering projects.


Latest Arduino Projects

GSM is quite a common Device which is used in major Projects and Real Time Operations. There are many applications which are using features of GSM Module like the feature sending Messages, making a Voice Call, Reading Messages, attempting Call etc. Many at times you may have sent Messages using your Cell Phone and also by way of Hyper Terminal of your computer via GSM, and by sending Commands to GSM using Microcontroller.

In this project we are going to see how to send a Message using Alpha / Numeric Keypad and GSM. The Programming of this project is little complicated but do not worry, I am sure with careful attention you can build it without any problems.

This project is a Light gradient sensitive Robot with Solar charging capabilities, in other words it seeks out the light to charge itself. It accomplishes this behavior with a set of Four Light sensitive Photo Resistors in voltage divider circuits. The Arduino unit reads the four values which correspond to the intensity of the light received by the sensors through its analog read pins. It then applies a high voltage across a reed switch which completes a circuit between a 9v battery, and two Toy Motors, resulting in turning or moving towards the light.

These motors were not able to be activated directly with the Arduino, if you get small enough motors, the switching portion of this project may be omitted without loss of functionality. If any of the four Photodiodes is registering much higher than the others, it detects which Photodiode is receiving the heightened signal and turns or moves in that direction for as long as the heightened signal is being received. 

In present times there are many types of Home Automation Systems which are available in the market. Most of these are simple Home Appliances Controlling Systems like DTMF controlled Home Appliances, GSM based Home Appliances Controlling, RF based Home Appliances Controlling. Here we are going to discuss about TV or DVD Remote Control LED Home / Office Appliances Control (Home Automation System).


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