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Arduino Projects & Tutorials

An Arduino Board is AVR microcontroller based board which follows the standard arduino schematic and is flashed with the arduino boot-loader. The arduino is referred as open source hardware, since the standard schematic is open to everyone and anybody can make their own version of arduino board following the standard schematic. All arduino boards should be compatible with the arduino IDE which can be used to program the arduino boards. The arduino IDE is also open source and anybody can contribute their libraries to the arduino.

The arduino board has all the required circuitry to get the built-in AVR microcontroller running. The output or inputs can be taken from the boards or given to the board using convenient connectors. Both digital and analog inputs and outputs are available in all arduino boards. The arduino boards can also communicate with other devices using standard communication ports like USART, IIC, and USB etc. The most impressive thing is that most of the arduino boards are bread-board compatible which makes both the hobbyist and developers happy.

This section of EG Labs brings you some basic tutorials and interesting arduino projects based on Arduino Pro Mini Board. Explained with the help of circuit diagrams, source codes, and working videos, these arduino projects can serve as a good reference for final year electronics engineering projects.


Latest Arduino Projects

Most of us today do our shopping online and we pay for all the merchandise and servicesusing online or mobile banking, but to complete thetransaction one requires OTP (One Time Password)from the bank providing online banking. At the point of convenience we forget that the SMS containing the OTP is been routed through the Service Providers exposing the confidential data to an unauthorised person (The third party at the service provider company).The same thing happens when certain amount is debited or credited to your account and the details of the last transaction with current balance information will be sent to you through SMS.

This project is based on Arduino Platform. The game we choosed here is very common in casino, club and the indoor playing.

This project uses three different coloured LEDs (RGB led) that show three different cases, these three cases are continuously changes with random blinking of different coloured LEDs, player will have jackpot when he/she will get all the three LEDs with same coloured cases

Imagine your music player that play for you, a player that sense the ambient LIGHT, TEMPERATURE and TIME that affects the mood of a person, and pick a song categorize as MOODs. Because I don't have a sensor that can translate human emotion or thinking to numerical data, I assume that an environment surrounding humans can affect our emotion and which is readable as an analog data using sensors, and because time can easily affect the environment basic traits like light intensity and temperature, I found it as a good solutions for this project. The sensors I used are not enough to consider the exact environment situation; we can still add humidity and sound.

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