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Deciphering the Exoskeleton of Beetle with Nanomechanics

Researchers have used a creative method to identify the material properties and geometry of the fibres that include a beetle’s exoskeleton. This work could eventually uncover information that could guide the design and manufacturing of novel and enhanced artificial substances through bio-mimicry.

DNA DuplicatorEngineers have introduced a novel technique for duplicating DNA that makes devices small enough to hold in your hand that are capable of identifying infectious agents before even their symptoms appear.

Novel Technique to Remove Nickel from Contaminated Seawater

The same deposit that creates up in numerous tea kettles or water pipes in areas where calcium – rich water is the basis might be just the affordable ticket to remove contaminated seawater or toxic metals.

Title Total views
Deciphering the Exoskeleton of Beetle with Nanomechanics 10
DNA Duplicator is so small that you Can Even hold it in your Hand 9
Novel Technique to Remove Nickel from Contaminated Seawater 12
Futuristic Optics Offer the Widest Virtual Views of Vast Sun’s Regions 13
Estimating how perovskite solar films effectively transform light to electricity 12
Researchers Squeeze Light for Cooling Microscopic Drum Below the Quantum Limit 7
Laboratory Introduces Perfect Metal Powders for Manufacturing 7
Computers Getting Trained to Differentiate Between People with Similar Names 7
Multinational Start Working On Getting Rid Of Ocean Clogging Plastic 43
Graphene Photodetector Enhanced With Fractal Golden “Snowflake” 45
Raspberry Pi Brings Forth a Bright Compute Module 3 33
Understanding How Semiconducting Nanonetwork Can Form Backbone of Flexible and Transparent Electronics 40
Energy Storage View On Nanoscale 38
A New Set of Tools That Can Help In Exploration of Alpha Centauri 23
Biofuel Matchmaker Finds the Right Algae for Renewable Energy 22
Novel Technology Allows 5-D Imaging in Humans and Live Animals 21
Vader Systems Introduced Liquid Metal 3-D Printer for the Manufacturing Industry 10
Wearable Sensors can Identify When you are Falling Sick and Illnesses like Diabetes or Lyme 28
A New Technique for Robotic Manipulation 28
The Latest Simulation Software Program That Offers Training for Emergency Flight Conditions 23
P&G Aims to Eliminate Manufacturing Waste By 2020 23
Reliable Spinning of Artificial Spider Silk 23
World’s First 2-D Electride 17
Now You Can Learn Guitar in Just Sixty Seconds with the Help of Fret Zeppelin Device 14
Britain Plans to Come up With a Laser Weapon 16
Versatile and Practical Microscopic Optomechanical Device Created 14
Researchers employ light to regulate the logic networks of a cell 15
Novel Microscope Chemically Recognizes Micron-Sized Particles 18
Novel Apps Crafted to Reduce Anxiety, Depression as Conveniently as Finding a Restaurant on Mobile 21
Flat Optic Lenses That Can Play a Vital Role in Bringing Down Price and Weight of Cameras 128
Worms Survive On Nanoparticles to Examine the Biological Force Sensor Technology 2,289
NXP Aims Voice, Audio, and Video Aspects of IoT Products 1,751
Researchers Brings the Solution to Old Scientific Mystery of Negative Differential Resistance 135
Moving with the Digital 86
First – Ever Direct Observation of Collisional Plasmoid Instability during Magnetic Reconnection in a Laboratory Setup 84
Scientist Supports Role of Supernovas in Estimating Speed at Which the Universe Expands 59
Introducing Nanodiscs That Can Deliver Personal Cancer Therapy to Immune System 83
UCLA Brings Forth “Lanes” For Faster Charging and More Power 75
Getting Up Close with Virtual Reality Mid-Air Touchless Haptic Demo by Ultrahaptics 1,948
A Robot-Assisted Battery Switch Granted To ISS 104
A Smart patch To Fight Stress - Lief 77
Resisting Buckling With Sea Sponges 60
A Biodegradable Polymer Coating Developed For Implants 1,788
Icy Ridges Identified On Pluto by Researchers 66
Subdermal Solar Cells Giving a Better Shape to Medical Implants 61
Researchers Turn Memory Chips into Powerful Processors to Enhance Computing Tasks 93
Quantum Boosting Method Introduced Topological Soliton State in the SSH Model 67
Probing Methods to Alter Cement’s Weakness to Ductility and Strength 22
Rationalization of the Internet of Things and Other Related Cyber-Physical Structures 23
A Social Threat to Illegal Downloaders 56