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MINMAX Brings Forth MTQZ50 And MTQX75 Converters Series For Highly Developed Railway Applications

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The  Taiwan Based power solution maker, MINMAX Technology recently released its latest range of industry standard quarter brick DC-DC converter modules, the MTQZ75 and MTQZ50, that have been designed specifically for highly advanced railway applications.

The MINMAX’s next generation DC-DC converter modules sync well with railway emission standard EN 50121-3-2 and railway safety standards IEC 60571 and EN50155. Along with this, the MINMAX’s next generation DC-DC converter modules also stick  to shock and vibration standards defined by EN 6137, fire protection standards EN45545-2 and environmental standards IEC/EN 60068-2-1, 2, 30.

Fig. 1: MINMAX’s next generation DC-DC converter modules 

The MTQZ75 and MTQZ50 DC-DC converter series is comprised by 8 models, these series also integrate an I/O isolation of 3000VAC and ability to provide an exceptionally wide input voltage range from 72 (43-101 VDC) to 110 (66-160 VDC) with outputs of 24V, 15V, 12V, and 5V. The MINMAX’s next generation DC-DC converters can be relied for offering a very higher efficiency level raising up to approx. 92%. These also incorporate some highly advanced features such as remote sense, remote on/off control; overload, voltage and temperature control circuits.

MINMAX’s industrial standard quarter brick DC-DC converter modules go pretty well with the international railway certifications, the EN50155: Railway Application Electronic Equipment Used On Rolling Stock. This certification covers I/O voltage isolation tests, rugged environmental tests, insulation tests, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) tests, mechanical requirement tests, heat tests, damp tests, dry heat, cooling and humidity.

The key features of MINMAX MTQZ75 and MTQZ50 are as follows:

  • An Industrial Standard Quarter Brick Package
  • UL/cUL/IEC/En 60950-1 Safety Approval as well as CE Marking.
  • Conforms with railway certification EN 50155, EMC standard EN 50121-3-2.
  • The fire protection test sync with EN 455545.
  • The damp heat, dry and cooling test meets IEC/EN 60068-2-1, 2, 30.
  • The vibration and shock tests meet EN 61373.
  • No minimum load requirement.