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Arduino Based IoT Garden Monitoring System



when i try to upload the code i am receveing an error saying dht,h file or directory not found

where can i get the file 


Please go to the Arduino IDE then " Sketch >> include library >> Manage library " then search " dht.h " and install the library.

Thanks for the project. EngineersGarage. We are trying to implement this circuit. We were able to test the project with thingspeak. Also i changed ser.begin(115200) from 9600. With 9600 it is not responding. I could not figure out how to add multiple data sources in freeboard. I could do it for temperature. I got that display in freeboard, but for other parameters, I was not able to get a display. It does not show any reading. 

from datasource["project name"][Is it channel or feed here]. I don't know what to add after the data sources. Kindly suggest.


first click on DATA Source and select JSON

then click on add panel 

in value block enter this datasource["Food Monitoring System"]["field1"]