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Now Smart Retail Supported By IEI HYPER-RK39 PICO-ITX SBC

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Shreepanjali Mod
There are a number of reasons why we would like to recommend HYPER-RK39. The IEI HYPER-RK39 Pico-ITX SBC has been architectured for a very compact design. It comes loaded with a Rockchip RK3399 chipset offering onboard 2GB LPDDR3 and 16GB eMMC memory. This one also features 4K eDP and HDMI dual display screen that makes it perfect for intelligent, kiosk, and POS digital signage applications. If you wish to make customization simpler, the HYPER-RK39 comes pre-installed with Ubuntu 16.04 or Android 7.1 permitting the developer to develop your personal application to cater plethora of demands. 
Fig. 1: Representational Image of HYPER-RK39 (From Official PR) 
There are three major features that you need to take note of about HYPER-RK39: 
The OS: Ubuntu 16.04 and Android 7.1 
eDP and HDMI dual display support. 
Pico-ITX SBC backs up Rockchip RK3399. 
Now let’s talk about RK3399 Series Products. Here is a snapshot of all its products:
1. AFOKAR-088A-RK39 in-vehicle Panel PC: Apart from being equipped with Ubuntu 16.04 and Android 7.1, this one comes with an in-built GPS receiver, an optional LTE module, as well as an 8” sunlight readable TFT LCD along with projected capacitive touchscreen.  
2. IOVU-207AR-RK39 Panel PC: This one works on Linux Ubuntu 16.04 or the Android 7.1 and has Rockchip RK3399 as CPU. The RAM is 2GN along with 1 SOS key and 2 function keys. 
3. IOVU-210AD-RK39 Panel PC: The RAM is 2GB LPDDR3, boot flash stands at 16GB eMMC NAND Flash, CPU  Rockchip RK3399, and so forth. 
4. IOVU-210AR-RK39 Panel PC: This one comes with 10.1-inch project touch screen, RAM - 2 GB 1866 MHz LPDDR3, a grove interface for all kind of IoT sensors.