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Motion Detectors or Motion Sensors

Written By: 

Preeti Jain


The term ‘Motion detectors’ can be used to refer to any kind of sensing system which is used to detect motions; motion of any object or motion of human beings. However, it is primarily used to detect motion of human beings or in other words, presence of a body in a certain area. A motion detector is an electronic device that detects the physical movement in a given area/ designated locations and it transforms motion into an electric signal.
Applications to detect motion do so by either:
•           Generating some stimulus and sensing its reflection.
•           Sensing some signals generated by an object.
All motion sensors indicate the same thing; that some condition has changed. All sensors have some 'normal' state. Some sensors only report when the 'normal' status is disturbed, others also report when the condition reverts to 'normal'.
Motion sensors are commonly used in security systems as triggers for automatic lights or trips for remote alarms and similar applications. Motion sensors work based on a wide variety of principles and is used in a wide variety of applications. Typical usage could be in the exterior doorways or windows of a building for monitoring the area around the building. Upon detecting motion, they generate an electrical signal based on which some actions are taken. Some operate in much the same way as a military radar scanner, while others work based upon vibration, infrared radiation and even sound. All of these different types of motion sensors have different strengths and weaknesses, which are important to take into account when making a decision to choose a particle motion detection sensor.
Motion sensors are employed to detect different types of human movement. Some are intended for local event sensing, some for area sensing
•           Local Sensing
Local Sensing implies sensing of a motion at designated locations. Some of the motion sensors commonly used for this purpose are
o          Visible/ Infrared light(LED/Laser) beam
o          Contact Switch
o          Piezoelectric Sensors
o          Piezoresistive Sensors, etc.


•           Area Sensing
Area Sensing implies sensing of a motion in a specific ‘Field of View (FOV)’. Motion sensors commonly employed for such application are
o          Active/ Passive Infrared Motion Detector
o          Ultrasound motion detection sensor
o          Footstep Detection Sensing
o          Microwave Doppler sensor
o          Video


nice project

Really wonderful job....)


good one...

i want to do my final year project on motion sensor ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,that is that ......there is fly machine that flight in air and that detect the motion around it and go from one place to other place without any collision.. to any object..when there are any object came near itself  to fly object it change it place ....................for that project .....which type of motion sensor is used................plz guide  me fast as posible 

my email id :

 im interfacng PIR sensor with 8051 to on/off lamp.

whenever pir detect motion its output goes high to low, if it detects motion continuosly the output goes repeatedly high low. output is low when motion is not detected.


plz can anyone provide me code for this.

my final year project is building management system .i use motion sensor in parking area for lights .plz me information about it which type of motion sensor is best for it


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