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PIC Microcontroller

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Nikhil Agnihotri
PIC18 Harvard Architecture 
PIC microcontroller contains an 8-bit ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) and an 8-bit Working Register (Accumulator). There are different GPRs (General Purpose Registers) and SFRs (Special Function Registers) in a PIC microcontroller. The overall system performs 8-bit arithmetic and logic functions. These functions usually need one or two operands. One of the operands is stored in WREG (Accumulator) and the other one is stored in GPR/SFR. The two data is processed by ALU and stored in WREG or other registers.
PIC18 Harvard Architecture
The above process occurs in a single machine cycle. In PIC microcontroller, a single machine cycle consists of 4 oscillation periods. Thus an instruction needs 4 clock periods to be executed. This makes it faster than other 8051 microcontrollers.
Early processors and controllers could fetch or execute a single instruction in a unit of time. The PIC microcontrollers are able to fetch and execute the instructions in the same unit of time thus increasing their instruction throughput. This technique is known as instruction pipelining where the processing of instructions is split into a number of independent steps.
 Instruction Pipelining - PIC Microcontroller


too lengthlyy...but good

hello awesome post added your RSS.

Respected sir,

         your website is very very useful for me. i search lot of site for embedded c coding , that sites given but not perfect . in other words not easy to understood .

  but your site is great.


  one more suggestion i need help for pic 16f877a  projects i have lot of difficulties to access can u help me .


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Beyond the book knowledge.........

i want 2 work on data loging by microcontroller... i thing the information of this website will be very helpfull to me.........


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           Thank u very much for ur website .... really it s very useful to me. then sir i need some of the simple projects using pic16f877a because  i am doing my final year project using pic ly.. if u send me the details about pic16f877a  using simple projects, its may be very helpful to me.


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sir what is the diffference b/w PIC microcontoller and normal 8051 ?

PIC  has internal ADC, 3 Timers,20Mhz clk frequency &  8k flash memory but 8051 has 2 Timers,12mhz clock frequency,4k rom memory, etc...

any body please help me with a link or website showing the comparison of 8051,pic,avr&arm controller archictecture,pin diagram and special features.

I have a  isp low cost pic programmer.

this programmer can be used to burn tthe microcontroller PIC18F4550.i have generated the hex file by microC IDE.



            PLEASE REPLY




i want low end picprgrammer


really a gud One....

its really a useful one ...................


  I am Sourov Hossain, a student of EEE. In my last year 1st project I want to make a PIC  Microcontroller control circuit. Where the Microcontroller would be interface from PC through USB. But I can not make a USB interface program for  Microcontroller. so I request you, please help me if you can, by giving a program or any document.

thank you very much! Realy usefull



Precious information in an excellent way..

Thank You very much for the site

sir, i want to know that which compiler you have use for PIC programming.  


Is it possible to control 3 stepper motors using PIC microcontroller.



hi sir,'
am new to this forum

i know well about usart and spi

i need know about can protocol.

please help me sir

thank you


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