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Internet : What is Internet

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Abhimanyu Mathur
The Present
Just like the dynamic history, the present of the internet is quite vigorous too. Wherever the electronic world has progressed, internet has been accompanying it. In fact, major trends in electronic world are to support the latest internet demands. From large computers to ultra light laptops and now almost paper weighing tablets and mobiles, all inventions are credited to the internet for it has certainly created a databank as well as a service. The concept of hard disk drives is almost to a departure as cloud computing is on a role. Taking internet as the base, controlling various appliances such as television or the refrigerator is possible now. High speed internet services are available on mobile phones which fit into the palm of an average human. For efficient worldwide communication, high speed information highways are being set up by various governments and private information technology firms. Through video chats and conferences, the need to travel has reduced quite a lot and people from all spheres of their lives are reaping the best of the internet services.
Operating Systems, which were once considered to be the whole soul of the computer, are losing their vitality as internet browsers are getting more into the advancement period with doing the entire important job irrespective of the fact that which operating system they are actually installed upon. Also, cloud computing, another important concept in the technological era of data exchange is totally having internet as its base. When one has access to the internet, he can access all his data stored on the cloud server and save considerable amount in finances and storage.
No device is manufactured without keeping the internet necessity in mind. Technologies such as GPRS, EDGE, HSPDA, HSUPA, GPS have been made keeping internet the foundation.


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Any coment given Internet true. I like Internet.

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please  give  me  the  short  meaning  of  internet.


Internet definition for Kiddos


Internet is a collection of interconnected computers with information stored in them, and this information is what we access over google or through any other site via a browser.

this definiction is very satisfied to me and i know that definition is too good.

The complex globle communication network n which millions of computers are connected to each other and form a globle network is called internet.




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the definition and origin was clear but if you add some more information to the correct context with images was quite exact. i mean images means a clear picture that how a computer was connected to the server or anything else


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