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Use of sensors is pretty common in industries and organizations. But, Internet of Things (IoT) has put the usage of sensors at a completely different level. Again, the entire concept of IoT exists and survived because of sensors. What role does sensors play in IoT? Simply answered, they are the medium through which various physical objects are connected through Internet. IoT platforms function and deliver various kinds of intelligence and data using a variety of sensors. The world has gone digital and “smarter” through the interconnection of things via Internet through sensors. 

The Indian electronics and hardware, as stated in an ASSOCHAM, Ernst & Young (E&Y) study expected to show a growth of US$ 130 billion by 2018, with nearly 16 percent CAGR. The several impacting factors underpinning this growth include, government initiatives like Smart Cities, Digital India, e-governance programmes, wider broadband connectivity, in combination with government propelled policy and incentive boosts. In addition, the local demand has seen a rapid increase with extensive high-end technology devices invasion, as well as technology-driven transformation (for example, 4G/LTE networks). 

Every scientific innovation is result of a fictional concept that was considered as pure magic in past. Take mobile phones, for example, it is a common part of our lives now, but ask someone who was there 50 years back, a device like this existed nowhere else then their biggest fantasies. So, it got me to a question - what can be the biggest fantasy for medical world? There were several ideas that came to my mind but than the James Cameron’s masterpiece “Avatar” caught our attention.