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Yes, you've read it right. The idea of collecting water from atmospheric moisture is pretty age old, but no one seemed to have implemented it in a practical way until Eole Water Company have successfully tested their prototype in a desert in abu-dhabi. They successfully collected around 1000 litters of water per day from their machine, a kind of wind turbine. The idea was developed by Marc Parent, the founder of Eole Water.

By the time you are reading this article, certainly you are already using a web browser which is presenting this article content in a rWeb Browsers - logoich text/graphical format on your computer screen. A web browser or frequently called as browser is an application software that is installed on a computer to provide access to the World Wide Web. I
t fetches the web pages from the server along with the necessary files like, images, flashes, videos etc, interprets them and then displays it on the screen. All you have to do is simply type the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of a webpage in the address bar and the browser will bring the web page on your screen.


Construction of a Brush DC MotorThe Robots are mechanical devices equipped with software based intelligence that can perform specific physical tasks. There are many kinds of robots and robotic applications. The robots are designed to suit their application and their mechanical design, body, electronics, and software are designed accordingly.

The robotic vehicles or robotic cars are one of the many types of robotic designs. The robotic cars are designed to move around plain surfaces where they can perform certain tasks either through remote controlling or autonomously. They are equipped with sensors, control circuitry and actuators for their operation.