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Whether you are a fresh engineering graduate or an experienced engineer, it's difficult to land a promising job in this field. Though having the latest technical skills can increase your chances of getting hired, you will need a combination of hard and soft skills to ensure a successful engineering career.
According to LinkedIn career expert Blair Decembrele, 59% of US hiring managers were struggling to find enough candidates with soft skills such as communication and critical thinking in 2016. "These traits don’t necessarily show up in a job posting but are essential for succeeding in the workplace," says Decembrele.
Today we are living in a world where everything has become automatic while manual efforts have become minimal. Autonomous vehicle technology is one such concept which is currently being explored to its core. Recently, a Rail transit firm in China named CRRC has introduced a train that runs on the road instead of rails. 
This is the world’s first train that doesn’t need rails to travel; rather it uses virtual dotted lines on the road for transit. The technology has been termed as ART i.e. Autonomous Rail Transit while the vehicle has been labeled as a “Smart Bus” by CRRC. It’s a 30-meter long bus which is operated electrically and is fitted with sensors that follow the virtual rails on the road while adapting to the surroundings and situations in real time.

Li-Fi: Using Visible Light for Lightning Fast Data TransmissionThe ubiquitous nature of the internet is probably a major reason for making our lives the way it is today. In the present scenario, it has become a necessity of the modern world. Its capabilities are not limited to over knowledge regarding the usage of Wi-Fi. Another superior technology of Li-Fi is ultimately going to change our perception of the internet.

Wi-Fi is a commonly used wireless technology which uses radio waves to connect devices to the internet but with the growing demands and increase in the network congestion, the present technology won’t be able to deliver the desired results for a long time. Consequently, while exploring the possibility of alternate choices the term ‘Li-Fi’ was devised. Here we are going to illustrate the concept of Li-Fi technology, how does it work, and how is it different from the conventional Wi-Fi technology.