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Time travelTime Travel has been a matter of great interest for Science fiction since ages. Whether it’s the movies like Planet of the Apes (1968) or modern franchises like “Doctor Who” and “Star Trek”; the concept is grabbing a lot of eyeballs. Not only movies and shows but even some mythological tales like Mahabharata and the Japanese story of Urashima Taro support the evidence that time travel exists.

We often see stories where characters use time machines to jaunt through the years but the reality is far more complex and inexplicable. Despite being predominantly related to the field of philosophy and fiction, time travel is somehow supported to a small extent by physics in conjunction with quantum mechanics. 

10 Inspirational Movies Based on True Events for Every Tech EnthusiastSince a very long time, the entertainment industry has been playing a major role in getting people close to Science, mainly through Sci-fi flicks and TV shows. However, apart from the Sci-fi subjects, there have been a lot of movies based on the true events of Scientists, Engineers or other reputed personalities that have left a big impact on the audience. Such creations not only impart knowledge but also inspire us as to how we can overcome the challenges and keep on working towards our goals with full conviction.

Here, we have compiled a list of such movies that will give you an insightful picture of Science and Technology while conveying valuable life lessons. Let’s have a quick glance at the compilation of movies that every tech enthusiast must watch

Virtual Reality vs. Augmented RealityThe lives we lead today would never have been the same without technology. It’s quite evident that machines and gadgets play a crucial role in our day-to-day activities and hence it is important to understand the concept of these technological innovations before we interact with them. We all know that both augmented reality and virtual reality offer an amazing gaming experience but there’s a lot more than that.

Both these technologies incorporate a common element of 3D images thereby indulging the user in a world which is unreal but still seems to be real. Besides, the media attention and market growth have been equally favourable for the two. A novice user may think of these as the same thing but technically there is a lot of difference.