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Electronics Tools for Beginners and ProfessionalsIn this blog, we will talk about the hardware tools that are used for preparing the setup of a project. There are certain tools that are quite crucial, whether one is maintaining an electronics kit or working on some basic circuits. It’s imperative for hobbyists and beginners to get acquainted with the functioning of all these hardware parts so as to make the best use of such tools.
Moreover, one has to ensure that the quality and cost of these components is met without any compromise on the safety front. Mentioned here is a list of electronic tools and equipment that are useful for every engineer while working on electronic projects.
Whether you are a fresh engineering graduate or an experienced engineer, it's difficult to land a promising job in this field. Though having the latest technical skills can increase your chances of getting hired, you will need a combination of hard and soft skills to ensure a successful engineering career.
According to LinkedIn career expert Blair Decembrele, 59% of US hiring managers were struggling to find enough candidates with soft skills such as communication and critical thinking in 2016. "These traits don’t necessarily show up in a job posting but are essential for succeeding in the workplace," says Decembrele.
Today we are living in a world where everything has become automatic while manual efforts have become minimal. Autonomous vehicle technology is one such concept which is currently being explored to its core. Recently, a Rail transit firm in China named CRRC has introduced a train that runs on the road instead of rails. 
This is the world’s first train that doesn’t need rails to travel; rather it uses virtual dotted lines on the road for transit. The technology has been termed as ART i.e. Autonomous Rail Transit while the vehicle has been labeled as a “Smart Bus” by CRRC. It’s a 30-meter long bus which is operated electrically and is fitted with sensors that follow the virtual rails on the road while adapting to the surroundings and situations in real time.