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There has been so much hype around Intelligence Augmentation and Artificial Intelligence over the past few years. Most of the people believe these two as present and futuristic technologies for the world. But there are still lots of people who are unsure why we need them and what exact role each of the technology can play into their lives. This post will roll you over comparing Artificial Intelligence and Intelligence Augmentation and use of each in some real-time applications. 

Accessing the internet is normal and to a great extent safe if you do it within the confined boundaries of your house. It is secure, easy to connect to, and quite uncongested unless the entire family is using the Wi-Fi connection for streaming applications. 

When you venture outdoors though, it is an absolutely different story. There are public Wi-Fi connections available more than ever, allowing you to stay in touch with work or entertainment from just anywhere you happen to be. 

The convergence of different technologies always have unexpected and interesting results. The concept of altered reality is a perfect example of such convergence. There was a time when desktop computing was the only flagship of the computing world. In the era of desktop computing, the computers were meant to store and process real-world data and input-output devices were meant to let humans interact with computers.