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The first thing that erupts in mind is how many? Yes, there are many in fact plenty to fulfill considerable part of global energy demands. But we will only be discussing the most important ones here. Since renewable energy is no longer a niche technology, almost all small and big nations around the world have embarked on a race to impress the world with most spectacular solar energy projects of all types and let everyone know about their true potential.


Remember the famous show ‘White Collar’ where they use face restructuring to recognize a felon who used plastic surgery to hide his real identity. Or the Bourne Trilogy where they used facial recognition on every step to catch Jason Bourne. Fascinating, isn’t it? The concept has now moved out of reel world and is finally becoming a part of real mainstream life. Right from Amazon’s Rekognition to iPhone X’s Face ID technology, this one has been a deal maker everywhere. 



The FPGA is one of the technologies which let an embedded engineer access hardware design of an embedded system. Its greatest advantages include multi-threading, real-time processing, wide scope for custom ASIC design (within available logic blocks on the FPGA chip), reusability and single chip solution. It is highly recommended to get hands dirty on an FPGA board after some work on microcontrollers. After all, hardware design is just another essential twin to software design in embedded engineering discipline.