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10 Noteworthy Apps for Electronics Designers

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Neha Rastogi
With the rapid use of smartphones and tablets around the globe, apps have become an inseparable part of our lives. Not only we tend to use them for entertainment but these are also quite useful for educational as well as professional purposes. This wide spectrum of users also includes people belonging to the field of electronics ranging from beginners to professionals.
There are different apps which provide access to important information regarding the materials, tools, calculations and notable theoretical knowledge involved in the electronics projects. Apart from this, the users also get to know about the latest updates in the form of news and events taking place in the world of electrical engineering.

Apps for Electronics Designers

Here we are enlisting 10 apps for electronics designers that have eased the process of preparing circuits and devices.

1. iCircuit


iCircuit is an app built for circuit simulation and designing, particularly for the students, hobbyists and engineers. It is regarded as an easy-to-use tool and is available for the iphone as well as android users who take interest in designing and performing experiments with the circuits. It comes with an advanced simulation engine that eases the handling of analog as well as digital circuits with real time analysis. It is available with more than 30 elements like resistors, MOSFETS, digital gates and much more.
The simulator keeps running in the background so that you can add any component and wire up the circuit, with the result shown in real-time. You can change the values of the parameters, use various signal sources and control each waveform’s amplitude, voltage, etc. Moreover, there is a built-in oscilloscope and a virtual multimeter can also be used to measure the voltage or current at any point of the circuit.

2. ElectroDroid


EletcroDroid is a popular reference app that brings together a collection of electronic tools with reference materials. It’s a simple yet powerful platform for the specialists, hobbyists and enthusiasts. Users can choose from two versions of this tool namely free and pro. It also supports a number of plugins which in turn expand the functionality in the form of AVR microcontroller database, simulators and parts search.

The pro version can be availed for $2.79 and offers more features. It includes various color codes, calculators and a lot of information sources and references. Some of the tools are- SMD resistor color code, Ohm’s Law calculator, battery life calculator, voltage divider rule, capacitor color code with standard tables and designs, electrical symbols and schematics, analog-digital converter, etc.

3.Electrical Calculations

Electrical Calculations

This is yet another iOS app which is preferred by the electricians and electronics designers. It offers various calculating tools combined in a single app that can be availed in either free or pro version. The application is easy to use and conveniently identifies the unknown values involved in an electronic circuit.

It can calculate voltage drop, current, voltage, active power, resistance, apparent power, power factor, etc. Other tools include voltage divider, resonant frequency, reactance, impedance, conversion pressure, short circuit current, battery life, wiring color codes, antenna length, electrical symbols, and so on.

4.Circuit Color

Circuit Color

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Circuit color is a useful app designed for electrical engineers which displays as to which color should be chosen while wiring a circuit. With the help of this app you can make quick decisions whether you are dealing with cables or designing an electronic system and that too without relying on calculations and cheat codes. It reduces the chances of error and saves a lot of time.

It’s a paid app offered by Google Playstore for $0.99 The user just needs to enter the circuit number and pick the system he is on and the work will be done. It also comes with Ohm’s law calculator that determines the voltage, resistance, power and current of a circuit. You just need to enter the two known values and the unknown ones will be calculated by the app itself.

5.Electronics toolkit

Electronics toolkit

This app is a free of cost android app that offers an interface for determining unknown quantities involved in the electronics field. It is meant to be used by the beginners and students working on electronic projects. The user has to simply enter the input values and the desired output is calculated by the app itself.

Some of the main features of this app are- resistor color codes, reactance finder, ohm’s law calculator, series/parallel value calculator, power triangle, resistivity, magnetic fields, etc. It is offered in free and pro version, whereby the latter contains more features. More electrical utilities are likely to be added in the future. An advantage of this app is that there are no ADS which may create disturbance for the users.



Digi-Key is a company with one of the largest online shops and has launched their own app with the same name. It offers access to the inventory of various electronics components where users can choose to buy high quality parts. They can place orders, look for product specifications, add products to the shopping cart and maximize the bar code technology for verifying shipments. The app offers more than 2 million products with details in the form of spreadsheets and photos.

7.PICmicro Database

PICmicro Database

PICmicro is a database rendering the details of all PIC and dsPIC microcontrollers that are manufactured by Microchip technology Inc. This is a free app that can be easily integrated with ElectroDroid app mentioned above in the list. Users can access the whole list of PIC and dsPIC family of controllers in an easy-to-use interface. They can also look for the specifications and features of all controllers alongside the pinout diagrams.

8.Lessons in Electric Circuits

Lessons in Electric Circuits

This is a widely used application meant for enthusiasts who need reference information regarding various components involved in the project such as resistors, capacitors, semiconductors, and electromechanical components. An advantageous feature of this app is that it can be used offline when the user is unable to connect to the web. Furthermore, it can be highly useful for situations when there is a power outage.

9.NEMA Configuration Guide

NEMA Configuration Guide

This is free of cost android app by Summit Electricity Supply which offers access to more than 240 NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) configurations, thereby enabling the user to identify the device in a quick manner.

The user has to enter the configuration number or any known information like voltage, amperage, etc and filter for the matches followed by which the desired results will be displayed. Some of the features of the app include compare configurations by image, jump to the matching plug, view circuit wiring diagrams, and so on.

10.Circuit Builder

Circuit Builder

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Circuit builder is an introductory guide that not only helps in constructing but also operating the electronic circuits. Loaded with intuitive controls and layout, this app is claimed as the perfect platform for getting acquainted with the basics of electrical and electronic components. It is a paid app for iphone and ipad users that can be downloaded at the cost of $1.99.

There is a library of components which contains switches, lamps, batteries, capacitors, fuses, resistors, motors, heaters, buzzers and much more. The user can utilise any combination and construct the circuit virtually. In addition to this, one can also put the app in operate mode to have a look at the working of the circuit. The constructed circuit can be viewed in either component or schematic view.


These are 10 apps for the electronics designers being used on a large scale by a lot of smartphone users carrying either android or iOS devices. Most of them are free but the rest are available with paid features. Undoubtedly, these apps have eased a lot of things for the people who are constantly working on their electronics project either through reference material, tools or tutorials. The designers can now make quick decisions and have access to all the latest updates at one place without seeking information from various sources (online and offline).

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