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10 Wearable Tech Gadgets Everyone Should Know About

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Neha Rastogi
Wearable Tech market is currently growing at a fast pace and it is estimated to multiply at an enormous rate in the coming future. Initially, we had smart watches and fitness trackers but the trend has spread to even clothing and accessories. With each passing day, technology is being integrated into everything that we use in our daily life. Owing to the popularity of IoT devices, wearable technology is also making its way towards the masses.

Reportedly, the wearable tech industry is going to be evaluated at $71 Billion by 2021, which means it will cross a growth rate of 138% in the next 5 years. Tech giants like Alphabet (Google), Microsoft, Fitbit, and Adidas are some of the key players in the market which are apparently going to make it big with their innovations.

As more and more people are getting access to innovative gadgets, they have started expecting more from the makers. Consequently, the companies are also taking a keen interest in delivering the best that they can. Let’s take a look at 10 wearable tech gadgets that have become the talk of the town lately.

1. Samsung Gear S2

Smartwatches are not new for the market but it’s still a growing market dominated by the likes of Samsung and Apple. Samsung Gear 2 is the latest product by the company which looks just like a regular watch yet carries a futuristic feel. It has a round dial with a dull finish and a plastic strap which is detachable.

The Gear works in combination with Samsung Gear app and offers access to music, heart rate monitor, fitness tracker, notifications, etc. It is mainly equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 512MB RAM along with 4GB internal storage. The most striking feature is its rotating bezel controller which moves in both directions to help the user navigate.

2. Rusty’s Wired Series

Rusty wired series

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Rusty’s Wired Series features a lineup of hoodies and jackets that are equipped with machine washable headphones. These are built into the fabric and devoid of any visible wires with just two ear buds and a plug to be connected to your phone or mp3 player.

The range of clothing is available for both boys and girls. Besides, you don’t have to worry about it being soaked in the washing machine because most of it is cotton with a little bit of polyester. It presents an innovative way of embedding audio functionality into clothing.

3. Project Jacquard

Project Jacquard

Project Jacquard is a joint effort by Google and Levis aimed at presenting touch and gesture interface in form of clothing. It makes use of conductive threads that have an uncanny resemblance with the regular threads and hence it’s almost like an invisible technique.

The detected gestures are sent to the connected device through a wireless system and enable the user to perform a wide range of activities like receiving a phone call, managing playlist, navigation, and so on. Currently, Levis products are being developed with this gesture technology. Its most notable feature is that these clothes are washable and appear much like regular apparel.

4. Nuzzle


Nuzzle is GPS collar meant for the pet dogs and cats so as to track their location when they are out for a walk. It connects with your Nuzzle app and helps you to trace your pet. Besides, it can even let you know about the activities of the pet when you are away from them.

It can be availed with a charger and base station along with 2 rechargeable batteries. It’s waterproof, contains LED light and uses cellular connectivity to operate. One can avail it in multiple sizes depending on the pet animal.

5. Kukoon Headphones

Kukoon Headphones

Kukoon features smart headphones which are meant to be used when you want a peaceful environment. It makes use of EEG Brainwave sensing technology to help you relax and offer real-time audio optimization.

It learns what makes you relaxed and when you want to sleep, then it works accordingly.  The headphones carry a pair of washable ear covers and offer a perfect fit for all users. Some of the key features include Active Noise Cancellation, Noise Isolation, and Active White Noise

6. Athena Personal Security


Athena Personal Security

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Athena is a small pendant which can be either put inside a necklace or can be clipped to the clothes. It acts as a security system, particularly women, and helps them send information about their location to friends and family. Hold the device’s button for 3 seconds and it will get activated by buzzing a loud alarm like the sound of a freight train.

It connects to your smartphone through an app and then sends your location and direction to the contacts chosen by you. It’s an effective way to ensure the safety of a person trapped in a threatening situation and to save lives; Athena is much more than just a tracker.

7. Fin Ring

Fin Ring

Fin Ring is a smart ring developed by RHL Vision. It is a thumb ring which is embedded with an optical sensor in a way that the device can detect motions like swapping and tapping. It can connect to three devices at a time via Bluetooth and then using gestures, the user can operate the connected device by simply moving his/her thumb.

For example, moving the thumb up and down against a finger will increase and decrease the volume of your smartphone. It is being subject to further experiments whereby the aim is to use biometric so that each finger can be assigned to a separate section.

8. Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLens

It’s the latest product from Microsoft that represents a ‘mixed reality’. It showcases 3D holographic content at a fixed spot and the user can walk around it so as to take a proper look. The head mounted device is offered with hand gestures like ‘air tap’ along with voice control.

Claimed as world’s first independent holographic computer, this device is going to be released by November 2016 and the pre-order procedure has already been started in some countries. Currently, Microsoft is in talks with certain automobile brands to use HoloLens in car showrooms so as to demonstrate the features of a vehicle in a holographic style.

9. Tech Tattoos by Chaotic Moon

Tech Tattoos by Chaotic Moon

The Austin-based mobile app developer named Chaotic Moon has come up with the concept of tech tattoos that defines “invisibles”. It’s the future of “biowearables” which can be imprinted directly on the users’ skin instead of fitting an accessory with a sensor. The technology uses electroconductive ink which is marked on the skin so as to attach circuits and sensors to it.

It can be used for keeping an eye over your body’s vitality, track fitness, look after children’s health or monitor the status of soldiers in battles. The tech uses Bluetooth Low Energy to communicate with an app so as to transmit the required information from the body to the device.

10. Fitbit Flex 2

Fitbit Flex 2

Fitbit is known for its amazing wearable gadgets and it’s a key player in the market which has recently reported the revenue of its first quarter amounting to $505.4 Million. Fitbit Flex 2 is the latest offering by the company which acts like a fitness tracker. It can be attached to a wristband, a pendant or bracelet.

The gadget has been loaded with a host of features like LED display, long battery life, call & text notification, and SmartTrack. Moreover, it is waterproof and is able to track all-day activities of the user and remind him/her to move when he/she is inactive for a long time. It also comes with auto sleep tracking to ensure that you get a sound sleep.


Most of these above-mentioned gadgets are already available on Amazon store for online sale while some of them are still being developed. In a way, almost everything that we see around has been transformed into a tech savvy item which leaves very little to our imagination. Not only these devices are making our lives easier but most of these trends are also making a huge difference by providing health assistance as well as ensuring the safety of individuals.

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