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Top 10 Home Automations Changing Our Lives

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Call it urge to innovate or sheer laziness that gave birth to automation. And now it is transforming our lives in an unbelievable way. It’s no longer a dream to connect the entire home through smart devices and then control it through a single app on our smartphones.Look back a few decades when people could not even imagine controlling devices remotely.

Automation has taken all that we ever could have imagined to the next level - Thanks to Internet of Things, smart homes are a reality now. These top 10 home automation ideas prove how comfortable our lives have become.

1. Smart Lighting for Home and Office

Smart lighting solutions control lighting in homes and offices dynamically through interconnected devices and come bundled with high efficiency fixtures. Cutting edge smart bulbs and lighting with motion detectors can automatically switch the lights on or off. Sensors figure out occupancy, natural light and motion and canalso store energy to be used during black-outs. You can even simulate a sunrise using smart lighting solutions and create stunning lighting scenarios.

2. Smart Home Security Solutions

Smart home security gadgets pair up with wireless devices like smartphones and help you access CCTV stream for accurate surveillance when you’re away from home. In the case of a possible intrusion, you can program the lights and lock/unlock the doors using door sensors. What is interesting is that you can even fool the intruders by faking occupancy. Due to efficient security options, these devices are gaining popularity among working parents who have to leave kids and pets alone at home.

3. Smart Thermostat

This novel invention aids temperature control by taking cues from your habits. Enable/disable air conditioners and heaters to be controlled remotely and you can switch them on even before you enter your house. Creepy as it may sound to some, smart thermostat remembers your habits and adjusts to your needs automatically to change the room temperature.

Want to know how energy efficient you’ve been? It also generates reports of power consumption for your reference and helps you be energy efficient.

4. Smart Garage Door Closers

These intelligent devices have been designed to close garage doors if you leave them open or open them when you need to leave the house. There are entry sensors, location and time triggers that add to the overall usability of the device. You can install motion presence or entry sensors and triggers to control the garage doors. Bundled with remotes using extraordinary technology, garage door closers are integrated with the smart hub in your house. Some of these devices can even turn off the lights and music and also switch on the alarm system as soon as you leave the house.

5. Smart Health Monitoring Devices

With our increased focus on wellbeing, smart health monitoring gadgets are taking the fitness world by storm. The devices fitted with Programmable Logic Controller are required to beconnected health devices to your home and also your smartphones. Most health monitoring devices or wearables work via sensors and help detect health issues.

These devices are very helpful for those who require constant supervision by nurses and also for their loved onesto keep a record of an elderly’s health situation. Also available are recliners whichadapt to user’s body to avoid posture problems. So you can bid goodbye to backaches now.

6. Leakage detectors

It’s a common scenario to come back home after a long vacation, only to find leaking pipes and spoiled interiors. Well, this won’t happen if you have automatic leakage detectors installed near sinks and water outlets. Leakage detectors come with moisture sensors and can help shut off the leakage to avoid any further damage. Place the detectors near the place that has higher changes of leakage for best results. Club them with smart water valves to create an electronic water shut-off system when the moisture detector does its job.

7. Smart Laundry Alarms and Folding Machines

A few decades ago, fullyautomatic washing machines were the latest but we have come a long way since. Now smart apps can send you notifications as soon as your laundry is done. Forget machine buzzers that we often miss. Vibration sensors detect when the machine is turned off. Take out the dry clothes and put them in a specialized machines that irons and folds your clothes. Life couldn’t get easier than this.

8. Disaster Prevention Devices

Though intruders are undoubtedly a problem, other hazards that you may have to face include smoke, fire and gas leakages. Smoke detectors are available in two varieties – photoelectric and ionization detectors. Free flowing ions keep the alarm silent but smoke particles fill up the alarm, restricting the movement of ions, causing the alarm to go off. Smart alarms send notifications to the connected devices and can be programmed to inform the fire department and emergency services as well, helping save lives.

9. Automated Fireplaces


The glow of a fireplace is itself comforting and relaxing. Someone imagined an automated fireplace and brought it to reality. Automated fireplaces work with motion sensors and turn on and off based on room occupancy. They can also detect when the temperature drops below a certain limit and can switch on automatically to heat up the house and keep the occupants warm.

10. Entertainment Automation

Get into the groove as you come home after a tiring day with your smart television and music devices. You can play your favorite music by a simple touch on a wall keypad or play your TV on the pre-set timings so that you don’t miss your favorite shows.

You can also install mirrors that stream Facebook and Instagram posts for you while you get ready. Not just this, floors can turn into projectors to indulge kids in interesting games. With speakers installed in all rooms and even bathrooms, you can control the devices using your smartphone and set the mood for the day. It is not an exaggeration to call these devices smart. After all they have smartly made our lives hassle free and fun.