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Top 10 Innovations in Video Games that are ruling the Industry

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Neha Rastogi
From large mainframe computers to handheld devices, we have a come a long way in the journey of games. Today, the gaming industry is generating Billions of revenue owing to the technological advancements and the inclination of people’s interest towards these games. As per the latest stats, the key players namely China, Japan, and the USA are making $24.4 Billion, $23.5 Billion and $12.4 Billion respectively.

Besides, the number of people engaged in playing these games is currently at its peak, whereby majority includes children aged less than 18 years. There is an endless list of genres to choose from like action, puzzle, musical, real-time strategy, browser games, etc. With each passing day, excitement is building up and things are becoming more realistic for gamers around the globe.

From Super Mario in 1980’s to Pokémon Go in 2016, a lot has transformed and hence we are rendering a list of 10 innovations in video games that are ruling the industry today.

1. Voice Recognition

Voice Recognition

Voice Recognition is not a new concept for video games but with the passage of time it has become more common and useful. It can be either a plug-in device or a built-in microphone available with the gaming device. Not only you can power on/off your gaming console but you can also operate the game and interact with the characters through voice commands.

A classic example of this technology is Hey You, Pikachu. In this, the main character has to communicate with a wild Pikachu throughout the game so as to gain its trust.

2. Customizable Characters

Customizable Characters

Unlike the old days, when there were no avatars for the player except for just a car or a gun, now the gamers can select a personality of the characters as per their choice. There are options to choose regarding the names, gender, looks, hairstyles, outfits, and accessories.

Citing an example, The Grey Warden from Dragon Age Series is a game which lets the players choose various aspects of the characters including their social class, skills, and physical traits. Another game named Create a Warrior in the WWE Series lets the player customize the physical appearance of the fighters along with the entrance theme song as well as their finishing move.

3. Interactive Drama/ Role Playing Games

Interactive Drama/ Role Playing Games

In this category, the game has a storyline which is displayed just like a movie with different camera angles. The player doesn’t solve any puzzles; he just takes importance decisions on which the turn of events relies. These games focus on the characters and the plot and allow him/her to be evil or good. While playing these games you can either kill or save other characters.

For example, The Walking Dead is a game whereby the protagonist, along with a group, finds ways to survive in a Zombie Apocalypse. Another game named Façade focuses on saving/ruining the marriage of a couple, depending on the actions of the main character.

4. Downloadable Content (DLC)

Downloadable Content (DLC)

Downloadable content is all that extra content that can be downloaded by the players and aims at user retention. It also enriches the gaming experience by opening up possibilities of bringing something new in the game. It can be in the form of coins, maps, weapons, etc.

This technique is usually adopted by episodic games like Fallout 3 or fighting games like Mortal Kombat. Sometimes it is offered at discount for a limited time period so as to lure the players.

5. Wearable Gaming

Wearable Gaming

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Gaming is no longer restricted to consoles, tablets, and mobile phones. Wearable tech is playing a major role in redefining portable gaming in the form of eyeglasses and watches. Players can use their Google Glass or Apple Smartwatch to play games without being worried about holding the device.

Efforts are being made to make wearables a new medium of entertainment by introducing them as an extension of gaming consoles. This is surely going to change the future for the enthusiastic gamers worldwide.

6. e-sports


eSports is a trend whereby a competition (online or offline) is held and the professional players with their respective electronic devices take part so as to win the prize money. The genres that are usually subject to this concept are first-person shooter, real-time strategy and fighting games.

Not only a lot of professionals take part in such contests but there is a live audience which witnesses the competition. Some of them are- The League of Legends World Championship, the Intel Extreme Masters, etc. The trend saw a huge rise in the tournaments from the year 2000 onwards.

7. Online Multiplayer Gaming

Online Multiplayer Gaming

Nowadays it has become common for most of the games to offer the online multiplayer feature. This allows you to compete with a large number of players online in real-time. You can either pose challenges for them or accept challenges from other players. These are played online and hence require an internet connection.

Counter Strike is a suitable example of this category that has different modes for online and offline players. When competing online, the first team to achieve the objectives wins the game by eliminating the other team.

8. Open World


Open World

This trend is seen usually in the role playing and real time strategy games where the player is free to roam around and develop a personality depending upon the environment. Earlier, the range and location of the game were kept limited such that the player didn’t get much chance to explore or utilize his own ideas. But now this has changed; players can now move in the direction of their choice and reach the objects they want to.
Assassin’s Creed and Grand Theft Auto Series are some of the popular games with an open world concept. This is a futuristic approach towards making games more interactive and engaging for the audience.

9. Augmented Reality Gaming

Augmented Reality Gaming

Similar to the concept of virtual reality, augmented reality aims at combining the real world with the virtual world. It allows the players to engage with the game objects which are applicable to the real-life situations.

The most relatable example of this game is Pokémon Go which was released in July, this year. In this game, the player has to find as many Pokémons with the help of navigation present in the app. It has become a sensation among the gaming fanatics within just a couple of months of being introduced.

10. Virtual Reality Gaming

Virtual Reality Gaming

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Virtual reality is a technology which allows the user to experience an environment with a 3D view where he interacts and performs actions, particularly for playing a game. It gives you an opportunity to transfer yourself to a totally different world while you are physically present somewhere else.

With a headset on your head and console in your hands, you get ready to enter a virtual world and play the game far away from the reality. Second Life, Active Worlds and Blue Mars are some popular virtual reality games.


Apparently, the world of video games is transforming in a way which is going to make a lot of difference for the future generation. The game developers are gaining a huge amount of money from the business and hence are keen to offer the best possible gaming experience to their audience.

It’s no longer about entertainment; we have reached a phase where children learn and develop their personalities by interacting with the virtual world of gaming. People from all age groups, social class, and personality traits are getting involved in gaming. For instance, the way people went crazy for Pokémon Go, it’s evidently predicting that a lot is going to change in the next few years.

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