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Top Ten Robotics Startups To Watch Out in 2019

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Shreepanjali Mod

While AR, VR, IA, and IOT are sprinting hard to lead the tech world, there is one strong contender that will be an essential part of every journey - Robotics. Even now, it is slowly becoming the strongest channel for streamlined implementation of above mentioned technologies in our everyday lives. Taking another step ahead in this direction, we bring you a list of top ten noteworthy startups who have made their mark within a short time and are moving ahead with flying colors. Take a look:

1. 6 River Systems:  One of the world’s first ‘Collaborative Fulfillment Solution’ , the robot created by this firm helps warehouses take in new employees more smoothly. Named as “Chuck”, it allows warehouses accept more number of orders due to its larger capacity. The firm is growing at an aggressive pace and recently announced a $25 million Series B round sponsored by firms like iRobot.

Fig. 1: Chuck Working in A Warehouse

2. Dusty Robotics: Located in Sunnyvale, California, this one works to simplify all complex tasks on construction sites. There are very few players in the world who are working to redefine critical path tasks for construction world and dusty robotics happens to be . Normally, the age limit for construction tasks is 40 since workforce starts retiring after that or starts looking for second job. Also, there is hardly any young workforce that wants to join this new business. Apart from workforce shortage, modification of errors is an expensive task and often results in huge losses for the construction companies. Tessa Lau, the CEO of Dusty Robotics plans to address all such issues through some smart robotic solutions. Whatever they bring-in, it will definitely be worth watching.

Fig. 2: A Robot Tractor By Dusty Robotics being Tested For Construction Site 

3. Soft Robotics: Soft robotics is into development of most interesting robotics solutions. The recent product released by them mimics human hand and is capable of holding as well as manipulating products perfectly. SuperPick is another famous AI powered autonomous robot that can take care of bin picking and organizing tasks for industries like grocery, retail, e-commerce, and so forth. The firm raised $20 million last year from investors like Honeywell Ventures, Scale Venture Partners, and others.

Fig. 3: SuperPick by Soft Robotics 

4. Kassow Robots: Maker of “Cobots”, Kassow Robots is known for helping customers complete complicated automation tasks without relying on robotics specialist around them. These are collaborative robots that are completely safe for industrial facilities. Kassow Robots is half-a-decade old company and last year entered into association with Germany based Project Group.

Fig. 4: The Seven-axis Cobot by Kassow Robotics 

5. Wandelbots: Established in year 2017, it is a Germany based firm that eases down the complexities of industrial robotics programming. The system of Wandelbots allows programming via demonstration. Though it is an old concept, the firm has redefined the process by a completely new programming technique. It allows the users to wear smart clothes that monitor and track real-time human movement and convert those into robotic controls. The firm is currently working with more than a dozen industrial robot makers and helping them develop something new, something better that eases human life.

Fig. 5: Image Showing Wandelbots Training A Robot

6. Saildrone: The founder of this firm, Richard Jenkins, has a passion for ocean. This startup was a result of that obsession where he developed his own line of sea-friendly solar-powered robotic ships that worked with wind energy. These robots are perfectly capable of traversing the sea with GPS. These manless sail drones are ideal for tracking weather, scientific research, data collection of sea life migration, and other crucial projects. One of the most successful projects, it has caught investors eyes and raised more than $88 million within no time.

Fig. 6: Saildrones At Work 

7. Ubtech Robotics: A unicorn startup, Ubtech was started with some sky-high ambitions in 2012 by Zhou Jian in China. All these ambition were to be accomplished through a cost-effective humanoid robot that could serve common domestic needs and requirements. In last 7 years, the firm has produced multiple robots one after the other. Currently, it is offering educational, dancing, security as well as toy robots. You want a robot for some unusual or personal purpose, let Ubtech know.

Fig. 7: A Typical Humanoid by Ubtech Robotics

8. Marble: Not a very old one, this one came into existence in 2015. It was brainchild of three Carnegie Mellon University classmates. The basic aim of this firm is to eliminate the delivery man from food delivery chain. Their wheeled autonomous delivery robots has made some serious strides in the direction of automating food delivery industry. The success of this project can be estimated from how it completed Series A round worth $10 million and now plans to get into other categories like medicine, packages, groceries, goods, and so forth.

Fig. 8: Marble’s Food and Grocery Delivery Robot

9. Flirtey: Unlike its name, Flirtey deals with some of the most serious human requirements. It focuses on quick delivery of first aid and medicines to the end-users. For now, its service area is limited to New Zealand and United States. Two years back, it inked a collaboration with ambulance service for delivering cardiac defibrillators to Nevada residents via air. It has proven its worth not only to the end-users but investors as well. Currently, it has inked names like Qualcomm Ventures and Menlo Ventures in its investors list.

Fig. 9: A Typical Medicine Delivery Drone By Flirtey

10. Starship Technologies: A product of thoughtfulness of Skype co-founders Ahti Heinla and Janus Friis, this one is working to change the world of delivery through its six-wheeled drones that are currently simplifying lives of London and Washington D.C. residents. Raising capital was not that difficult for the firm but Starship is definitely on to change lives for good. Apart from food, they also deliver groceries to users on their doorstep.

Fig. 10: Six-Wheeled Food and Grocery Delivery Robot by Starship Technologies 

From food and medicine delivery to manufacturing, robotic startups have been the way of life for common people. Whether it is a humanoid robot ot a free flying drone in air, they are slowly bringing a change that might help all humans find a better purpose in life then wasting time and energy of menial things.