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While AR, VR, IA, and IOT are sprinting hard to lead the tech world, there is one strong contender that will be an essential part of every journey - Robotics. Even now, it is slowly becoming the strongest channel for streamlined implementation of above mentioned technologies in our everyday lives. Taking another step ahead in this direction, we bring you a list of top ten noteworthy startups who have made their mark within a short time and are moving ahead with flying colors. 


Electrical projects are extraordinary in every sense, apart from specific subject knowledge one also needs proper workspace, motive, and tools to accomplish a job. For the regular domestic electrical projects, you can employ the most common tools that are present in every household. However, innovators, designers, thinkers, and engineers fall in a completely different category, they can’t work with regular common tools. They need specialty tools. We have aggregated here a list of top ten essentials that will help all creators in upgrading or completing their toolkit. Take a look.

Raspberry Pi is an amazing credit card-sized development board that can serve varied purposes for hackers, hobbyists, artists, as well as students. One of the most versatile application boards, it is believed that it can only be used for some common programming purposes especially the ones related to IoT or AI. In this blog, we will be breaking that myth and show you the versatility of this system and how it can make a difference to our lives in a long run. Let’s get on with it then.