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Recent years have seen a series of exponential technological advances, innovation and invention manifested in variousways such as cloud, artificial intelligence, blockchain, augmented and virtual reality, Internet of things (Iot), robotics, quantum computing, and so on. This technology revolution represents vast potential for changing how human beings live, work, learn and share today, tomorrow and beyond.According to Accenture Technology Vision 2018, there is a paradigm shift in the role of business itself: it is moving closer to the centre of people’s lives. 

Smart home devices are the in-thing today as they make it easier to control wireless, video, data, security, climate and lighting applications or home appliance and lifestyle gadgets with a single command. Home automation ranges from simple activities like setting up a lamp to turn it on and off at your whim to advanced surveillance cameras, house-cleaning robots, and Wi-Fi routers.



Engineering is one of those rare fields that could lead to path-breaking solutionstowards real world problems. A highly lucrative field for its practitioners, it has virtually transformed the world that surrounds us.The continuous technological advancement and upgradation have made it possible for the electronics sector in India to flourish in the vastly competitiveglobal market.