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C Programs

Title Total views
Implement stack and perform push, and pop operations 211,620
Illustrate the operations of single linked list 21,152
Search an Array 20,554
Illustrate how the data stored on the disk is read 7,938
Create a file called emp.rec and store information about a person 20,570
Find the size of a union 10,857
Illustrate the concept of unions 7,695
Accept an array of 10 elements and swap 3rd element with 4th using pointers 14,600
Find the sum of all elements of an array using pointersas arguments 9,906
Find the sum of two one-dimensional arrays using Dynamic Memory Allocation 14,245
Accept a set of names and sort them in alphabetical order using structure 31,081
Accept a matrix of order MxN and sort all rows in ascending order and all columns in descending order 10,208
Accept a matrix and determine whether it is a sparse matrix 10,937
Accept a matrix of order MxN and find the trcae and normal of the matrix 6,245
Accept a string and find the sum of all digits present in the string 17,182
Accept a grade and declare the equivalent description 6,087
Accept a figure code and find the areas of different geometrical figures 6,674
Accept a coordinate point in a XY coordinate system and determine its quadrant 16,417
Accept the height of a person in centimeter and categorize the person based on height as taller, dwarf and average height person 5,076
Check if two numbers are equal 25,690
Accept a matrix and interchange the main diagonal elements of the matrix 8,778
Find the frequency of odd numbers and even numbers in the input of a matrix 6,240
Store some elements in an array, accept key & split from that point and add the first half to the end of second half 28,005
Accept a list of data items and find the second largest and second smallest elements 6,703
Cyclically permute the elements of an array 5,430
Find the sum of cos(x) series 31,193
Multiply given number by 4 using bitwise operators 8,569
Maintain an Inventory of items in Online Store 35,447
Accept a matrix of given order and interchnge any two rows and columns in the original matrix 6,582
Check if a given matrix is an identity matrix 25,789