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C Programs

Titlesort descending Total views
Accept a coordinate point in a XY coordinate system and determine its quadrant 15,508
Accept a figure code and find the areas of different geometrical figures 6,448
Accept a grade and declare the equivalent description 5,893
Accept a list of data items and find the second largest and second smallest elements 6,578
Accept a matrix and determine whether it is a sparse matrix 10,674
Accept a matrix and interchange the main diagonal elements of the matrix 8,589
Accept a matrix of given order and interchnge any two rows and columns in the original matrix 6,394
Accept a matrix of order MxN and find the trcae and normal of the matrix 6,042
Accept a matrix of order MxN and sort all rows in ascending order and all columns in descending order 9,813
Accept a set of names and sort them in alphabetical order using structure 28,736
Accept a string and find the number of times the word 'the' appears in it 8,891
Accept a string and find the sum of all digits present in the string 16,382
Accept an array of 10 elements and swap 3rd element with 4th using pointers 14,207
Accept N integer numbers and store odd and even integers in separate arrays 5,678
Accept the height of a person in centimeter and categorize the person based on height as taller, dwarf and average height person 4,858
Accept two strings and compare them 6,395
Adding two numbers using class 42,207
Another way to Define, Read and Write in a Structure 1,672
Array of Structure 2,138
Binary Search 6,135
Bubble Sorting in Array 4,132
C Program to accept two matrices and check if they are equal 8,624
Calculate Area and Circumference of circle 4,264
Calculate Area of Triangle with given three sides 18,020
Calculate Compound Interest 29,757
Calculate Factorial of a number using while loop 21,235
Calculate factorial using function with argument and with return 24,683
Calculate factorial value using do while 21,767
Calculate HCF of three integers 2,014
Calculate Permutation and Combination (nCr and nPr) using Function 37,950