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C Programs

Title Total views
C Program to accept two matrices and check if they are equal 7,932
Compute the value of X ^ N given X and N as inputs 4,790
Accept a string and find the number of times the word 'the' appears in it 8,108
Find the length of a string 20,462
Accept two strings and compare them 5,872
Convert number of days to number of years, weeks and days 8,061
Find whether a given year is leap year or not 5,752
Compute the surface area and volume of a cube 3,258
Check if a sub string present in a given string 33,711
User Authentication to access secured resources 12,699
Accept N integer numbers and store odd and even integers in separate arrays 5,229
Read N integers and store them in an array A, and find the sum of all these elements using pointer 6,687
Develop functions-to read a given matrix, to output a matrix, to compute the product of two matrices 3,979
Sort given N elements using SELECTION sort 6,852
Read n names, store them in the form of an array and sort them in alphabetical order 18,479
Read an English sentence and replace lowercase characters by uppercase and vice-versa 7,643
Evaluate the given polynomial P(x)=AnXn + An-1Xn-1 + An-2Xn-2+... +A1X + A0 20,108
Read four integer numbers into an array and find the average of largest two of the given numbers 3,089
Input real numbers and find the mean, variance and standard deviation 11,186
Input N numbers (integers or reals) and store them in an array 9,041
Read N integers (zero, +ve and -ve) into an array A and to find the sum 5,600
Find the value of cos(x) 9,742
Find the value of sin(x) 24,295
Find the sum of odd numbers and sum of even numbers from 1 to N 37,267
Find GCD and LCM of two integers 25,957
Simulate a simple calculator to perform arithmetic operations on integers 20,239
Check whether a given integer number is positive or negative 12,377
Check whether a given integer is odd or even 2,912
Find the simple interest , given principle rate of interest and times 25,512
Find the area of a circle, given the radius 12,264