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C Programs

Title Total views
Sum of first 100 natural number using for loop 20,913
Check a number if it is prime number or not 2,920
Find sum of all integers greater than 100 and less than 200 that are divisible by 7 18,345
Print your name n times on the screen 8,379
Display Square no, Cube no, Square root from 1 to 50 2,769
Display multiplication table of given integer number 2,248
Read any integer number and calculate its factorial value using for loop 2,367
Find Sum of all integer greater than 100 and less than 200 1,377
Display Cube number upto given integer using for loop 2,654
Read the age of 100 persons and count the number of person in the age group 50 -60 4,755
Convert a binary number into decimal number using for loop 10,356
Read a string and display ASCII code of each Character 2,221
Find Sum of First 20 Natural Number and their Average 5,213
Read 10 Numbers and find their Sum and Average using for loop 45,049
Find First 10 Even Numbers and get their sum using for loop 21,157
Display and find sum of the series [1 +11 + 111 + 1111 + .. ] using for loop 9,346
Display N terms of Square natural number and find Sum using for loop 12,372
Find Sum of Series [ X - X^3 + X^5 + ......] using for loop 5,445
Find Sum of Series [ 1+X+X^2/2!+X^3/3!+....] using for loop 20,971
Find Sum of series [ 9 + 99 + 999 + 9999 ...] using for loop 4,893
Display N terms of odd natural number and find Sum also 2,037
Display N terms of natural number and find Sum using for loop 1,501
Display N terms of harmonic series and find Sum 9,413
Display first n terms of fibonacci series using for loop 4,197
Display N terms of Even natural number and find their sum 2,594
Find Sum of Series [ 1-X^2/2!+X^4/4!- .........] using For loop 24,214
Read paragraph and count space, alphabet and digit using do while 5,273
Use do while loop to print n natural numbers 8,111
Display n terms of fibonacci series using do while loop 13,292
Calculate factorial value using do while 18,851