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C Programs

Title Total views
Find sum of n natural numbers using do while 12,347
Count the total negative, positive and zero from a set of Integers 22,443
Use Continue Statement in For loop 1,583
Use Break Statement in For loop 1,586
Manage Menu Driven Program using switch statement 26,057
Perform Selected Arithmetic Operations on two Integers using Switch Statement 4,285
Display month name according to the month number using Switch Statement 40,077
Display number of days in a month using Switch Statement 23,562
Display a Digit into Word using Switch Statement 16,409
Display Day Name according to the Day Number using Switch Case 7,714
Perform Arithmetic Operations on two Integers using Switch Statement 25,009
Find Eligibility for Admission using Nested If Statement 6,014
Find Largest Number using Nested If Statement 14,241
Use Nested If Statement 1,599
Use If Else Statement to check eligibility of a candidate to cast vote 6,705
Check Even & Odd Number using If Else Statement 5,527
Find Eligibility for admission using If Else Statement 2,169
Find Roots of Quadratic Equation 2,165
Find Largest Number using If Statement 1,928
Determine Co-Ordinates of a Point 1,357
Calculate root of Quadrtatic Equation using else if statement 17,806
Categorize students according to their marks 2,053
Read set of integer numbers and count total negative, positive and zero 2,013
Calculate Total Marks, Percentage and Division of a Student 17,375
Using Else If statement 2 1,333
Print weather condition according to the temperature 2,936
Print Electricity Bill of a Customer 35,532
Using Else If statement 1,396
Find Largest Integer using Conditional Operator 1,580
Using Condition Operator 2 1,353