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Solar Tracker using Arduino



i do not download source code , i just download diagram and source code is not shown how could i trust if all the projects are orignal or fake when you do not give me source of single project

the guy is right , i also cant download although i havent download any source code before .  this site must be fake . i dont trust , thus, i wont pay 

You just have to set up a free account and you can see the code

I didn't download anything yet..but why I can't see the code?

can somebody help with the coding of the solar tracker


can this code run in mikroc pro for AVR ?

I want a clear details of installation!

log in

there's no circuit..... only commercials from google !

Hi, I have ordered my Arduino and would like to build this Tracker. I have a login account so I can see the curcuit and the source code. But the curcuit is of poor quality. Could you provide a clearer image of the curcuit? Thank you. Steve

IS this project working on the same sorce code?????

awesome ckt s yaar..................


I cannot seem to download the diagram nore the source.  I am logged in, but still no luck.  I have tried both IE and Chrome

i would like to build a solar irradiance and temperature display unit using lcd. be advise me how to do.thanks

what are the specifications of servo motor

the code cannot work in arduino uno ide software

hi, who can I  download code and circuit schematic?