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Peugeot SXC- Breathtaking Crossover Concept Car


Another breathtaking cross concept car, Peugeot SXC previews technologies and design features that would be used by the future models of Peugeot. The concept smartly amalgamates various SUV aspects including driving position, strength, refinement levels, modern styling and protection. Originality and innovation are kept in mind while designing the concept car- whether be the rear lights or the roof bars, the car is high on design.  The front portion of SXC comes with new style codes. The unusual floating grille is designed so as to give it a look of it being detached from its bodywork.

The concept also features reverse hinged doors with 22 inches wheels. Bonnet of the car which is heavily sculpted adds a dramatic effect to the face of the car while the lightweight material – brushed aluminium used add to the exclusivity of the car. Peugeot SXC uses hybrid technology with inbuilt combustion engine for front and electric motor at rear which promises grip and safety even in the extreme conditions. The model also allows driving at the low speeds in no emissions mode with electric motor support. The concept features various styling cues that have been witnessed in latest concepts by Peugeot including HR1, EX1 and SR1. Picking the best of features from all the three models, SXC is undoubtedly one of its kinds.
This concept car looks tastier as compared to new Mitsubishi Outlander. The car smartly adopts the pug family appearance with scalloped flanks, sweptback headlamps more aerodynamic and sleek look as compared to its predecessors.
The company is planning to launch with diesel and electric hybrid (3008 Hybrid4) version first. It is expected to make its debut in October 2011 at around £26,660. The next that would be due in spring of 2012 is 508 hybrid4. The futuristic concept car would surely transform the driving experience after its launch.


If this is a concept car they should put an electric motor under the hood of the vehicle. Just like what they did to the EX-1 that was tested at the Nurburgring. The motor was powered entirely by electricity and Peugeot Parts that cool the electric motor of the car.