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Drive with comfort with New Meriva


To add to Meriva’s popularity especially among the young crowd, Opel has introduced new edition of Meriva. Various colours including Star Silver, Warm Henna, Casablanca white, Technical Grey and Magma Red add a zing to this compact car. Not just colours, the new edition has other new features  including AFL headlights, glossy black roof, rear windows and fog lamps to grab the target audience’s attention. Even with the unique features, the car makes no compromise on standard equipments. CD radio, AC, power windows, cruise controls, on-board computers and many other features would add to the buyer’s delight.

This new seductive looking monocab has been rated as one of the top selling in its segment. It is because Meriva’s competitors do not have serious alternatives and because of Opel’s hard work to make it successful. This successor of Opel has better interiors and the flex doors are its USP. For people with kids, Meriva can be the best buy. With free space, large door openings, parents can easily lift their little children, without contorting around the doors. Flex space lets the user fold the rear seats down to create more leg space. The advanced seat comfort would make driving a fun-filled experience for the driver.
Though Meriva looks like a Family car, it has capability to be used for business too. Along with flexible interiors, good suspension and diesel engine makes it comfortable for the business drivers. The new Meriva offers groundbreaking twin benefits to the users. FlexRail has adopted a novel approach for designing the centre console of the car while providing the owner with comfort solutions and modular storage. It offers practical cabin too.  Diverse features and comfort offered by the new Meriva is out of the world.  


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