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DIY: Arduino Based Ammeter



Can you make this circuit measure in Amps? Maybe up to 15A?

@Gregorio: May be an Allegro module would be better to be employed.  You may need to tweak the code a mite.

Thanks for sharing this work! It works for me. But how can this code be possibly modified to display the current of two or more different current sources as against one that is demonstrated in this example? I have tweaked the code and it's not yielding the desired result. Your assistance will be appreciated. Cheers!

please may i have code?

Thank u 4 sharing


hay bro i like your projects but using this technique as u have described abouve that chose resistace to measure min. value can u please mention that how to check max current that we can measure using 10ohm resistor?

correct me if im wrong!!



im using 3.3v source and 
V1=3.03; V2=0.03


0.3A? is this max current?


Thanks for posting this!  I've constructed one of these according to your instructions, and I'm using it to test Hall Effect switches.  It's great!

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