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Inductance Meter




which type of capacitor and inductor should we use. . ?

please ,someone reply fast. .

Does it also measures inductance in nH?

Which IC is used??

Look at the "circuit diagram" tab. It's an LM339 comparator

We are using arduino uno and baud rate of 9600 ....our inductor is wound on ferrite rod but it's not working ...just showing "inductance meter " and nothing else

rub the corners of wire with knife and then check the inductance

which type of capacitor 


what is the gauge of inductance coil

can you pls give me the list of the components

If you look at the "Circuit Diagram" tab, you'll see the schematic with all the components you need.

i saw it but which type of capacitor &inductor is used

There is no inductor used in the circuit. You're trying to measure an inductor. The capacitor you use is what is in the circuit diagram: 0.47uF non-polarized cap

the inuctance value didn't varying for different type of inductance coils,will u suggest how can i get various values of inuctance

In the program serial.println command inductance value showed 0.00 but i connected inductor in the circuit


I'm using an arduino nano 3.0 it can't run at 115200 bits per second, how can I do?

you just go to arduino spectifications and know the ardinuo baud rate,replace previous with new rate in program

I am going to make this with an Arduino Uno.


It does not have a VCC pin like the Pro Mini. Uno has 3.3v, 5v and VIN.


Which of these 3 should I use on the UNO?



what is the range of this circuit ?


I have built the circuit but would like to verify two things.

1. As per the circuit diagram yuo are using a 0.47uF capacitor and in the code it is shown as 47. I have a 47uF capacitor so how shoul the code be changed?

2. If I use an input voltage of 12v  and power my pro micro via USB do I only connect the ground from the power supply to the  pro micro (Common ground) and where do i connect the +12v to?


sketch full of bugs.  do you have update?


which type of moduel is used to show the value of inductance in monitor, and which type of software is used here

That is TTL USB serial .