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ROHM Brings Forth Ultra-Compact Highly Precise Earthquake Detection Sensor

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Shreepanjali Mod

ROHM recently introduced a super-compact highly precise seismic detection sensor module named BP3901. The device is perfect for all those applications that need accurate earthquake detection. The list includes smart meters, unmanned transport vehicles, and automatic doors.

Fig. 1: ROHM BP3901 Sensor Module Block Diagram 

This device works for accurate detection of vibration whenever an earthquke occurs. The after effect of earthquake is often leads to secondary disasters like forest fires or flood or huge landslides adding more damage to earthquake disasters. Accurate detection of earthquake can help in prevention of such secondary disasters. The module functions quickly to detect the intensity of earthquake and helps in quick recovery. It will play a key role in early recovery of huge infrastructure like roads and buildings.

Fig. 2: BP3901

Mechanical earthquake detectors are only able to detect absence/presence of vibrations but aren’t able to differentiate between vibrations caused by earthquake or external factors. This leads to false alarms and unreliable results.

ROHM resolves this issue with BP3901 that fuses the genuine earthquake detection algorithm and provides much higher precision. The biggest benefit of this device is that it prevents any false detection. The device also features an angle correction function that rectifies any unintentional tilts present in the module. That further improves the precision of detection. ROHM plans to keep striving for better optimization of various vibration detections and expand the profile of their sensor modules.

Most Noteworthy Features

  • Paves way for very precise earthquake detection in a very compact module form factor.
  • It mainly takes care of two things in most accurate manner, one, its prevents any fasle detection of external factors vibrations. And next, the angle compensation function offers a high mount tolerance of ±15°.
  • It makes important contribution to longer application processes by bringing down any standby current consumption
  • It keeps all seismic data for further analysis.


  • Vending machines.
  • Automatic doors.
  • Smart meters.
  • Unmanned transport vehicles.
  • Household appliances.
  • Distribution Boards.
  • Public infrastructures like buildings and roads.


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