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Artificial Intelligence Shows The Power Of Good Medicine

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Shreepanjali Mod
We are all living in the world of big data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that holds some revolutionary potential in itself. Everything right from transportation to manufacturing to education will take great leaps with application of AI. However, no other sector would feel the impact of this more than healthcare where every single one of us has a stake in it. How will you feel if we could predict the next big epidemic and make it stop before it takes a single life? What if you could look at details of data to see who is at the greatest risk of becoming sick and keep that from happening? What is medicines and treatments could be customized or rather personalized according to individuals? What if the time and money spent on recovery of new resources could be reduced to minimum? And best of all what if all this could be done right now?
There are many who feel that AI in healthcare is an imaginary fairytale story. But the possibility of it becoming reality isn’t far away. In fact, the present day involvement of AII into medicine s giving away much better results than expected.  Intel has been moving ahead in this field with many companies in this field. For example, Montefiore Medical System is currently using prescriptive models to know which patients are at risk with respect to respiratory failure, it is helping healthcare workers in acting on alerts and make timely interventions for saving lives. Similarly, Stanford Medical is using AI for enhancing MRI image reconstruction for delivering complete image within a minute instead of an hour. It completely eliminates risky sedation and intubation for pediatric patients for imaging exams. 
The main victory of AI in healthcare  is not inevitable. For now, a regular hospital gives our 665 terabytes of data on an annual basis, however, most of that data not very useful. Most of that data is unstructured. AI can really turn this around and would definitely lead to creation to a system of insights. When healthcare system offer deeper access to their inner data it would be of great help.